222 - Die Doppelgänger von Andromeda
The Duplicates of Andromeda
K.H. Scheer


The Maahks then use a special device called the multiplicator. This device allows them to duplicate human beings. The clones have all the memories of the original, but are under total control of the owner of the device. The Maahks are thus able to make five clones of the human spies. The Terran agents are then executed.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The five Maahks who came with the Terran spies to Andro Center in the Andro-Alpha Nebula are executed after a short cross-examination. It turns out that the crew of the space fortress was composed of outcasts who had, against orders, attacked Kahalo. Halgor Sorlund and his companions try to demonstrate to Grek-1, the Maahk commander, the military strength of the Earth with some video documentations but the Maahk doesn't change his hostile attitude.

After a failed attempt to escape, the five Terrans learn that the Maahks created duplicates of them with a duplicator. When it is determined that their doubles are unaware of the Center Plague, Sorlund and his men attempt to explode their spacecraft along with their doubles. The Maahks are forced to kill their five prisoners before they can be interrogated.

Michael P. Mahoney

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