2218 - Die Epha-Matrix
The Epha-Matrix
Ernst Vlcek

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

In the star ocean, space travel has ground to a halt on account of the raised hyperresistance. Raphid-Kybb-Karter, the Governor  of Baikhal Cain must let his fleet make a forced landing on the planet because they cannot keep in orbit due to engineering difficulties. Raphid-Kybb-Karter quickly recognizes the seriousness of the situation. He gets Motana from the holy mountain and tests them in order to recognize which are suitable among them as Epha-Motana, thus Motana especially well suited for space travel.

The thousand of the best ones are selected and put into a training camp. Among them is Aicha. The young Motana was just appointed by her dying predecessor as the leader of the holy mountain Motana when she received the order to lead all Motana from the holy mountain to the "pattern". She considers the promises of freedom from Kybb-Karter sceptically and supposes an intrigue. Before the best thousand arrive at the training camp, they are separated from the remaining Motana. Aicha is be separated from her twin brother, Gorlin. However, both are connected by an invisible link which extends from a normal relationship, and she refuses to go without Gorlin. The Kybb-Cranar let Gorlin go along, because Aicha, according to the tests, is an exceedingly gifted Epha-Motana, and they do not wish to risk losing this potential.

In the training camp the conditions for the Motana are better than in the holy mountain. They are well supplied and the sick people, among them also Gorlin who was wounded with an accident in the holy mountain are maintained healthy. However, the idyllic lifestyle quickly shows her shadow side. The Motana are forced to wear Krin-Varidh [1] and they must be trained within the shortest time as astronauts. They must produce high achievements. To maintain the achievement readiness, Raphid-Kybb-Karter,  at regular intervals executes the weakest 10%. Under this pressure hostilities come into being. Aicha must fight with a rival, Careve for the position as best Motana, but Careve sees in Aicha no fellow sufferer, but only a competitor.

The hard selection of the Motana creates a nervous situation, some gifted Epha-Motana prefer even suicide to a life in the service of the Kybb-Cranar. During the hard training program the Epha-Motana learn to control more and more their abilities, and finally they can control even the Epha-Matrix with which they can steer spaceships in hyperspace. At the end of the hard competition two groups are left. The group of Aicha and those of Careve. Both groups must try first of all, to fly a small cruiser and train finally through to bigger ships. It turns out that Aicha's is a group is the stronger one.

A flight with the specially altered scout cruiser, Shalavdra shows the first great task to which both groups must position themselves. This they should fly in the neighbouring system Ash to the planet Ash-Irthumo. Aicha's group takes over the flight, Careve's is held back as an emergency reserve. The flight succeeds. However, on Ash-Irthumo the Kybb-Cranar expect to meet a delegation of own people, but instead a group of Motana which, through the disorientating effect of the Chorals, succeed in taking the Shalavdra.

During the fight between the Motana and Kybb-Cranar, Careve tries to kill Raphid-Kybb-Karter. An attempt which she pays for with her life. Aicha succeeds in it, thanks to the rage of Kybb-Karter he gives her strength to complete Careve's work. Thanks to a Choral, she succeeds in unfolding her tele-kinetic abilities and to shoot Kybb-Karter with his own "emitter arm". After the victory of the Motana over the Kybb-Cranar, there is a reunion with Atlan and Perry whom Aicha knows previously from the Holy mountain. Atlan appears surprised about how quickly the Motana have learned to fly ships. Only one determining question remains: If, after the death of the governor, whether the Krin-Varidh(1) can be reset to zero, or will kill they kill the Motana.

(1) Krin-Varidh is a neck ring on the Motana in the holy mountain. If an integrated counter is not put on zero, it injects its bearer with a deadly poison.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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