2217 - Die Femesänger
The Feme Singers
Arndt Ellmer

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

With their self made ship, TERRA INCOGNITA Perry, Atlan and their companions reach the mainland, more exactly the continent of Curhafe. During the navigation, Rorkhete tells Zephyda of the past of her people. The young Motana finds out that her people once controlled the star ocean and even controlled space travel. Furthermore, the spaceships were steered not by technology, but by the songs of  the Motana! A revelation which throws a quite a new light on the Motana. The whole people appear to own PSI abilities. Already from the high sea they can recognize on Crythumo, the base of the Kybb-Cranar.

Arriving on the mainland, the companions set out to search for a settlement of Motana. In passing, they observe how a group of Motana pursue a young female Motana. Zephyda wants to intervene, however, she is prevented from it by Rorkhete. During the wandering through the wood, Rorkhete reveals some more morsels from the past of the Star Ocean and of the Motana. Before the " Blood night of Barinx " the Motana were according to figures strongest people in the star ocean. They were loyal fighters for the patron. At that time space travel was possible only by the mental forces of the Motana; with the help of her Chorals and with a special catalyst they were able to fly the " bionic cruisers ". After the blood night the Motana were suppressed brutally by the new rulers, billions were killed and the Chorals were forbidden. The paranormal space travel was substituted by the Kybb-Robes (the engineers of Jamondi) by engineering space travel. However, there are still Motana women who are especially gifted individuals, called Epha-Motana, they were the helmsmen of the bionic cruisers. Rorkhete clarifies that Zephyda could own the potential of an Epha-Motana. Rorkhete himself, together with the oceanic oracles had alreasy, for a fairly long time searched for medial sentries and for the planet Plotter, the origin world of the Shozides - his lost home world. Rorkhete believes to have measured the typical radiation of the planet in the Ash system.

Finally, after a long wandering the group reaches a railway station where, at the same time they meet the huntresses and their prisoner. During the train journey they learn that they are mistrusted, and even Zephyda is considered strange. They arrive at Biliend, the largest town of the continent, and the travellers try to make contact with the local majesty, which they manage in spite of the mistrust placed on them. The local Majesty, previously one of the huntresses, seems to recognize in Zephyda a very powerful dormant strength which she makes her accept the aliens as friends. Also Anthloza tells Zephyda, that she, like Intake (local majesty, the island Ore) had a dream in which she saw Zephyda as an space traveller and saviour of the Motana.

Now the Galaxians also learn why the huntresses were capturing their own kind. The Motana living here which are suppressed by the Kybb-Cranar  in a very different way than the people on Baikhal Cain. Annually 8,000 pregnant women are made "to deliver their foetuses. The unborns are taken from the women in an awful and degrading procedure, and nobody knows what the Kybb-Cranar then do with the foetuses. Both immortal decide, to explore Crythumo, and consider, on account of the difficult conditions which have emerged for the Kybb-Cranar on account of the raised hyperresistance, to even attack them on Crythumo. The next day Zephyda receives an invitation from Anthloza for a tour which ends with the grouping of the Femesingers. These are some gifted Motana which are allowed to sing the prohibited songs. The leader Garombe, her sister Anthlozas, takes up Zephyda as if submitting her to a test. She becomes the catalyst and focus of the PSI energy which is released by the songs. Therefore, quite quickly she is recognized by the Motana as a leader.

Next morning, Garombe trusts to Zephyda that she also had the same dream like Intake and Anthloza. Zephyda is taken up into the circle of the Femesingers and ascertains that the songs the Motana hold an astounding strength. Among other things they can lift stones into the air. In addition, it becomes clear that Zephyda has a special talent, although she might not admit it. Now Zephyda learns to attain control over the songs and climbs up to the leading voice of the Femesingers. Meanwhile Perry, Atlan and Rorkhete push forward into Crythumo and try to seek information there. They find out that in the crash of the only ship which caused the Tau Carama on Ore, the majority of the Kybb-Cranar had cost the life, and now only 30 Kybb-Cranar were left in the Crythumo. In addition, their supposition is confirmed that the members of the occupying forces are having to fight with serious technical difficulties. With the attempt to eavesdrop on a conference of the Kybb-Cranar, Perry and Atlan are detained. Rorkhete returns to Biliend and informs the Motana. Under the leadership of Zephyda  whom Garombe as well as Anthloza recognize her higher sovereignty, the Motana with the help of the Femesingers decide to storm the Crythumo.

With the enormous achievement of the Femesingers, in particular Zephyda, the victory succeeds, while the singers strike a Choral which provides disorientation with the Kybb-Cranar, making them unable to defend themselves. With bow and arrow the Motana women conquer the whole base and release Rhodan and Atlan just still in time, before the interrogation techniques of the Kybb-Cranar become deadly for them. The Crythumo falls into the hands the Motana and Perry and Atlan are released. Now the immortal and Rorkhete with the help of the Motana Femesingers try to fly a sloop. Zephyda and the Femesingers try to bring the 40 meter cube ship under her spiritual control - as for this there is also a special Choral. Actually they raise the sloop into the air, but then there is a crash landing with which the ship is damaged irreparably. However, nobody is injured, but Zephyda is depressed: obviously she must still practice more and develop her skills. . Perry and Atlan are stuck on Ash-Irthumo, and must put their hope to these plans again to abandonment on the oceanic oracles. Nevertheless, the Motana are sure that  Zephyda will revive the old forces and lead her people into freedom. The Planetary majesty explains that Zephyda is a higher authority, a Stellar majesty.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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