2216 - Tau Carama
Tau Carama
Arndt Ellmer

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

Ore is an island in the middle of the ocean on the planet Ash Irthumo which lies 0.6 light years from Baikhal Cain. The island is threatened regularly by the "Tau Carama" which is a gigantic tidal wave which is caused by volcanic activity. She always demands victims of the Motana living on Ore, birth place to Intake. It turns out that in her childhood, Intake is an Irthumo eavesdropper, i.e., she has the ability to feel the Tau Carama and to warn her people. When the local majesty dies, Intake is appointed as her successor. For the Motana a period of growth begins, because the population is not reduced any longer by the tidal wave.

When Intakes life approaches the end, for the first time in in many years aliens appear on Ore. They are Perry Rhodan, Atlan, Zephyda and Rorkhete. These were teleported together with the oceanic oracle from Baikhal Cain to Ash Irthumo in the middle of a storm. The oceanic oracles become lost, although as these are semi-aquatic beings they are unlikely to have experienced any problems. Atlan manages to save the seriously injured, Zephyda from the roaring waves. He reaches shore of Ore where he finds a bow similar to that used by the Motana in the Forest of Pardahn. Thus he strikes up the Choral of the Patron to announce himself to any Motana living there. He does not have to wait long and the welcoming group of Motana bring Zephyda to the a healer who is able to cure the heavy internal injuries caused from the battle on Baikhal Cain,  nevertheless, Zephyda must allow at least two weeks to be recuperated from the heavy injuries. The Motana of the island Ore live on a high situated cliff plateau and renounce all technology, to avoid the attention of the Kybb-Cranar which have a base on a nearby continent.

Perry Rhodan and Rorkhete escape, but get separated during the storm. Rhodan watches helplessly as Rorkhete and the oceanic oracles sink into the depths of the sea, however  independently of each other, both manage to get to the beach of Ore. Staggeringly it transpires that Rorkhete simply walked along the sea bed, but could not have lasted longer as his emergency air supplies would have run out. Finally after a day-long search, they are found by Atlan and the Motana. Then in the Motana settlement it turns out that also on this planet the Motana live without any technological means to strike against he Kybb-Cranar. The local Majesty offers the Aliens, nevertheless, to build a ship. A plan which on account of the tense position in the Milky Way, is immediately is taken up. While TERRA INCOGNITA is built, the local majesty shows to the immortals a cave which contains all technology which the Montana had, and could not use on account of the menace by the Kybb-Cranar. She offers unlimited use of the engineering devices to Perry and Atlan. These accept the help with thanks.

During the immortal's stay on Ore, the dreaded Tau Carama comes to the Montana. With this tidal wave, Rorkhete turns out to be a true hero, as he saves two fishermen unselfishly before the forces of nature. A fact which causes Perry Rhodan to bring huge sympathies to the nomad. In the meantime, he is more talkative than still on Baikhal Cain, however, about his intentions and purposes he still announces nothing. Nevertheless he supports Rhodan and Atlan. Atlan makes an astounding discovery, also. With a walk with Zephyda, shortly before the arrival the Tau Carama he is able to ascertain that his great love is likewise an Irthumo eavesdropper, although she does not come from Ash-Irthumo. This discovery has to the result that Intake offers Zephyda less than 4 eyes to take over her post. This offer leads with Atlan, who eavesdrops on the private conversation of both Motana, and Zephyda to a domestic internal conflict. Atlan must decide whether to allow his love to follow him on his dangerous journey or leave Zephyda here in the safety of the other Motana. She on the other hand is torn whether to stay and help the Motana by predicting the Tau Carama, or take revenge on the Kybb-Cranar for the destruction of her village and the death of her sister. The pair bicker endlessly while the TERRA INCOGNITA is being built. Meanwhile, Rhodan makes a strange observation. He sees Rorkhete set up an antenna of sorts, and measures something. He has technological devices which function seemingly in spite of the raised hyperresistance.

Because their settlement lies high, but indeed not high enough, the Motana must tie themselves to on stable trees to overcome the flood. All Motana follow the warnings of the immortal, except Intake who denies the existence of a tidal wave because she feels none. It occurs to Atlan that Intake is prepared to die to force the choice from Zephyda, and to press her into office of the local majesty. He therefore tries to persuade Intake of the danger which he manages to do finally.

The Motana survive the tidal wave, and in the next day the TERRA INCOGNITA takes to sea. Aboard: Perry, Atlan, Rorkhete and Zephyda who has decided to take revenge on the Kybb-Cranar. She has interpreted the crashed ship as a sign of weakness in her oppressors. Intake allows them to set off without problem , because she has seen in a vision, how Zephyda sacrifices herself to ensure the finish of the Kybb-Cranar's rule. Only her and Zephyda know about this dream.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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