2215 - Der Schohaake
The Schohaake
Horst Hoffmann

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

Alexander Skargue is a biologist and lives in the icy region of former Norway. He is a drunkard and lives like a hermit in a residential cell, far away from modern civilization which he abhors. He devotes himself to self produced schnapps and a rehabilitation project for elks. His only companion is an old half blind Husky. When the Terran is out one day with his Husky on the trail of an elk whom he believes to be pregnant, he comes to an unexpected meeting. The biologist discovers and pursues an unknown track which does not look at all like the track of an elk. Rather, the Terran supposes it is that of an extraterrestrial living being. Shortly after the Terran find a being who has worn himself out in the blizzard and grasps with the last of his strength to a protecting tree stump.

The stranger is very small and is built slenderly, only about 1.10 meters, however looks absolutely humanoid. The skin is ochre-colored and is scaled. Feet and hands carry five digits and a toe points to the back. The dull hair of the being is green and straw like, also there are the straggly beginnings of a beard on the chin. Its narrow face carry a very small nose and the mouth is without lips. Alexander Skargue knows exactly that the stranger cannot survive in this ice wilderness without clothes for long not long and takes him into his dwelling. Once there, the alien being recovers fast and awakes from unconsciousness. Communication turns out to be difficult. The unknown visitor can understand no Interkosmo and looks strongly disorientated. After some attempts at communication Alexander Skargue believes to have found out the Alien's name, Orren Snaussenid. Another concept, Alexander Skargue interprets is the name of the people to whom the stranger belongs, the Schohaake.

After a short stay in his residential cell, Alexander Skargue, his Husky and the stranger set off for the next settlement. All attempts to activate the syntronic pilot of the biologist's Glider, fail; and thus only the march on foot remains. Because Skargue lives in seclusion he knew nothing about the problems with the hyperresistance. To march through the icy cold, turns out a risqué enterprise, however, in the end, after a lot of efforts the strange three reach the next, bigger town, of Otta. On the way he has to battle with alcohol withdrawal symptoms as well as with poachers and is saved finally by the pilot of antigrav gliders by chance passing by.

In Otta, Alexander Skargue and the Schohaake are taken into a Medostation, because the wandering through the ice scenery has strongly drained the physical powers of the Terran. Besides, Alexander Skargue who enjoys his alchol receives treatment against his very damaged heavy drinker's liver. Orren Snaussenid remains for the doctors, nevertheless, a riddle. Indeed they are unable to treat it at the Medostation of Otta. However, no information about the people of the Schohaaken is found. Thus the origin of the Alien remains a riddle. At least the doctors manage to stabilize the small guest and to nourish him artificially.

When Alexander Skargue awakes after his operation, he owns a new liver and kidneys and the second chance to gain control of his life. In addition, the biologist has a visit. A young woman introduces herself to him and is interested especially in the unknown visitor. She is Mondra Diamond! With her charm she persuades him to  accompany her to Terrania with the Schohaake as he has established a rapport with him. Mondra Diamond brings Alexander Skargue and Orren Snaussenid to Terrania. In Terrania Skargue overcomes at first his fear of people and then his alcohol illness, because he joins to a group of people who convert a hover bus to positronic components. The physical work, more still the social contacts, are good for him.

However, even in the circle of the specialists they are helpless with regard to the Alien's origins. On all their expeditions within and beyond the Milky Way, the Terrans have never met Schohaaken. Accordingly the question remains unanswered as to how the stranger has come to the earth. Because Orren Snaussenid barely articulates more than his name, all communication attempts also remain fruitless. Then the unexpected happens. At several places on the earth strangers from Snaussenids people appear suddenly. In some cases cameras are even able to document the materialisation of the aliens. All Schohaaken seem to be with the same disorientation. They do not speak, seem naked and are brought one by one to Terrania. Only when they are brought together with another Schohaaken, there seems to be a breakthrough. Both beings recognize that they belong to the same people and start to speak suddenly. Soon with the help of the translators the Terrans are able to gain the rudiments of communication with the beings. However, despite this success they do not make much headway. The Schohaaken do not seem to know where they are come from and which force it has moved them to the Earth, or why.

To get to know more about the origin of the beings, they show the Schohaaken pictures of all known people and galaxies from which the Terran have knowledge. For hours no success appears, however, then movement comes suddenly to the Schohaaken and it brings great excitement. The Schohaaken point at the picture of the centaur-like Algorrians and swear that they know these people.

Mondra Diamond and Julian Tifflor are surprised, as these creature date back over 20 million years! Unfortunately, the time lovers have moved back to a secret planet to devote themselves the re-creation of their people and therefore, cannot be consulted. Then a total of 3504 Schohaaken appear on Terra, many of them are no longer alive. Even on Mars the appearance is announced to of aliens. In the operations staff the LFT they are helpless. While Mondra Diamond takes further care of the Schohaaken, Skargue returns to his hut and to his elks - but not to the alcohol. He is firmly decided to stay dry.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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