2213 - Der Traum von Gon-Orbhon
The Dream of Gon-Orbhon
H.G. Francis

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

The position on Terra is still critical but Homer G. Adams and Julian Tifflor further consolidate the march towards Terra's reconstruction. Although there is no concrete proof, the pair assume that hyperresistance will remain on raised on a continuing basis. Therefore, it is decided that all high tech facilities, as far as they belong to the state, are reequipped with still functioning lower level  technologies. What cannot be reequipped, should be scrapped. However, in case that the previous levels of hyperresistance returns, they should retain property etc at 50% of their old value but it should remain untouched by the LFT. Adams is responsible furthermore for the economic development on Earth, Tifflor concentrates upon the space fleet to enable re-contact with other solar systems.

The large dependence of the Terrans on hypertechnology, turns out to be a difficult hurdle. While one still discusses in the circle of the scientists and immortals whether the increase is the hyperresistance is of a permanent or only temporary nature, more and more followers assemble round the dubious preacher Carlosch Imberlock. Mondra Diamond and Bré Tsinga keep an eye on the activities of the preacher who claims himself to be the medium of the God, Gon-Orbhon.

Meanwhile, Theorod Eysbir, an unemployed syntronics engineer, almost becomes a victim of a bomb attack on his former firm. Unfortunately he is mistaken for one of the assassins arrested and is by the authorities.

The contents of his sermons have not changed and the number of his followers grows steadily. On occasion there are attacks, always by militant disciples of Gon-Orbhon who want to thwart the reconstruction of Terra by force. Important points of the terran infrastructure, thus, for example, a work are always concerned for urgent required, positronic construction elements, in the town Xian. In spite of these terrorist actions, the authorities cannot arrest Carlosch Imberlock or hinder his sermons, because it cannot be proved that he has direct responsibility for the the attackers. Carlosch Imberlock states, that he is not directly involved and that he does not incite anybody to acts of violence. At least they are unable to proves anything. His "normal" followers, simply succumb to his charismatic radiance, and do not seem to be dangerous. It is different with the fanatics. These have in common, namely a dream to which makes them into potential terrorists. In the dream the people see a sea in which a sword is, and  floating above its flawless surface is a colossal humanoid: Gon-Orbhon. He appears as a dreadful, immense, and omnipotent being. His eyes are closed, however, they will soon open. Only those will survive who believe in him and renounce technology. To whom this dream appears, they become like they are hypnotized and act like fanatics. Indeed it is possible to defend against its influence, but most people in the confusion and insecurity of these days lack this strength.

Mondra Diamond and Bré Tsinga, who observe the leader of the sect at a rally cannot deny that Carlosch Imberlock possesses a certain charisma. in addition, Mondra Diamond discovers to her surprise that the words of the preacher exercise a certain effect on them. Nevertheless, the state minister cannot explain the precise kind of influence. It seems Imberlock can exercise on many of his listeners an almost magic influence. Mondra feels this on her own body. It is difficult for her to defend itself against the trance-like state into which she repeatedly sinks and during this experiences the vision-like dream of the arrival of Gon-Orbhon. It effects others even worse: a young woman, for instance, disintegrates herself during one of Imberlock's to appearances because this was supposedly ordered to her by the mysterious divinity. Also the restrained Bré Tsingas gives up on Mondra Diamond's puzzle. The Cosmopsychologist suddenly disappears and is unable to be found. Uneasy Mondra Diamond sets out to search for her.

After Theorod Eysbir's innocence has been established and he was let go again, he wanted to meet his daughter. To his horror he discovers that she became a Gon-Orbhon follower, and has committed suicide in his name. In his pain he swears revenge - and visits the police station in which he was arrested to procure for himself a weapon by force.

When Mondra Diamond recognizes, finally, that the the number of the militant sect members grows steadily, she gets in mortal danger. Even children have already gone to ruin through being influenced by the sect. As a token of their unity, the members tattoo on themselves the mark of their God on their breast, a sword before a recumbent oval. In addition, the numerous sect members have in common an inexplicable dream experience, as many followers report. Obviously a strong influence is passed out from this dream. She clashes with Gon-Orbhon followers. A group youngsters with the tattoo symbol, paralyzes the former TLD agent ties her up near a bomb. Nevertheless, she is saved in the last second by Jordo Alpha, a boy from her neighbourhood whom she had once been kind to. Indeed he is also a follower of the new sect, but does not wish to see her killed.

When the paralysis wears off, she sets out to find Tsinga. Mondra Diamond, nevertheless, stands before the worst discovery. When she locates the her friend, Bre Tsinga, she notices the inexplicable behaviour of her friend, Mondra Diamond pursues the Cosmopsychologist to a secret meeting. Stunned Mondra Diamond realises that she has arrived at a meeting of the Gon-Orbhon followers. Bré Tsinga steps before the members and speaks in the name of the new God. The Cosmopsychologist has obviously become a follower and preacher of the new sect! Mondra has arrived just in time to save her friend before she turns into a fanatic. However, at that moment,  Theorod Eysbira, a desperate man arrives who's daughter, a Gon-Orbhon youngster, committed a suicide attack and now he wants to take revenge for it. He is armed to the teeth and in order to prevent a bloodbath, Mondra, secures the man in the safety of her protection field .

After their efforts to ensure food and energy to the population Julian Tifflor and Homer G. Adams succeed in opening a Transmitter channel which manages, with a huge energy expenditure supplied by gigantic coalescence piles, to pass a restricted transport through the hyperspace to the Moon. Indeed, over and over again there are lost transmissions (about 1 in every 2500) and a personal transport is not to be considered. However, at least, freight over restricted distances can be moved again. A small success only, however, in times like this, a positive signal for all Terrans.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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