2212 - Menschheit im Aufbruch
Humanity in Decline
Hubert Haensel

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

The rise of the hyperphysical resistance shows not only serious effects for space travel, but hinders or disturbs almost all aspects of the everyday life. In the 14th century NGC Syntrons have become a natural and vital system in all areas of the everyday life. The enormous energy amounts which are devoured in the maintenance of this lifestyle, especially in high technology towns like Terrania, must constantly be tapped from hyperspace. Almost the whole industrial production is guaranteed by fully robotic arrangements. Although the Terrans have appeared to cope still best of all on the results of the changes, apocalyptic states rule on the Earth. Transmitter connections, essential for the solar economy and the care of the Terrans, are all but useless. Hyper-radios links to the distant, then also to close colonies, break off. On the events taking place beyond the Solar System nowadays there can be only be speculation. Syntronics, the most modern and most efficient products of terran technology, turn out to be most susceptible. Also NATHAN, although already mainly moved to positronic components, is concerned. For the terran economy a rapid decline begins and the economy stands on the brink of collapse.

These effects are disastrous, although since his return from the Maelstrom of Stars, Perry Rhodan has acted rapidly to counteract against such a disaster by establishment of " Low Level technology ". The terran economy, still almost breaks down. Spaceship traffic is still possible, but very much restricted. One of the last spaceships to arrive on Terra, is a trade spacer of TAXIT with Homer G. Adams aboard. In this awkward situation Homer G. Adams returns on his home planet. Just as his three thousandth birthday takes place. Thanks to the cell activator, Homer G. Adams is the oldest living Terran, older even than Perry Rhodan. The finance genius wants to offer his services to the LFT and support humanity with the deconstruction of the economy and the fractured infrastructure. Homer G. Adams is conscious that has met other centres of the Milky Way if possible even stronger than the Earth. Eventually the people will take over the guiding role in the Milky Way which rapidly is facing the changed conditions. Homer G. Adams received from Maurenzi Curtis, and without great fuss raised to the status of a residence minister. A short time later Homer G. Adams is sworn before the parliament by Maurenzi Curtis. The LFT transfers to him the responsibility over the financial resources, economy, reconstruction and structural change. Homer G. Adams sets himself promptly to work, because great efforts are necessary to detain the collapse of the existing system. He is supported vigorously by most Terrans- from the simple worker up to the well high level enterprise leaders, who all deal have to deal in their own way with their many areas of work as quickly as possible to adjust to "desyntronisation " and companies, manufacturing sites, power stations and all other systems are to be converted to a simpler positronic control.

Further events take their turn. The Solar Residence must be moved on emergency workings and the steel orchid is uncoupled from her Antigrav mount and is lowered in the residence sea. The crystal screen, the best protection of the Solar System, breaks down and can no longer be re-established. GALORS is no more accessible and also delivers no more data. The contacts with the great stock exchanges of the Milky Way break off. Strongly the new TLD Tower is also concerned in Terrania. Equipped till the last corner with ultramodern technology, the system breaks down almost suddenly. Noviel Residor must look with at how the league service loses more and more function and effectiveness. Julian Tifflor, ordered by Perry Rhodan to Earth, works day and night on turning around the chaos for humanity. Besides, all resources are required to maintain the vital functions. Nevertheless, the TLD does not belong to it during these days which leads to violent discussions between Residor and Tifflor.

As already so often in the history of humanity, the worse can be prevented, while all help together and improve by immense strength efforts and personal operation of the position. The energy supply of Terrania can be restored and the position starts to stabilize. Myles Kantor who works with the terran scientists under high pressure on the investigation of the phenomenon concludes that the hyperphysical resistance has probably levelled out at its new value. Further changes are not registered for the time being. Thanks to the farsighted planning Perry Rhodan, the planets of the LFT stand a good chances, because, unlike for example the Arkonides. they have made done most planets of the LFT self-supportive and had also begun to build up low-level-technology. Hence, it is not long until NATHAN on is moved to biopositronic workings and is guaranteed to the basic care of the people.

However, in times like these there are also other, less reassuring signals. Thus dubious preachers appear who announce the advent of the end of time. One of these preachers who is revered by his followers as a medium is Carlosch Imberlock. Imberlock, a hypnotically gifted Terran pronounces the words of his God Gon-Orbhon who stands for the setting of existing order. Only those who confess themselves to Gon-Orbhon, are saved and resurrected after death. For all others effacement threatens. He and his followers vigorously reject the measures being established to combat changes in hyperresistance.

The LFT leadership who is occupied day and night with the crisis management views these new preachers and sectarians with displeasure. Their activity is devastating and dangerous. Soon there follows a serious accident, as a follower of the new sect steers a Glider into a coalescence reactor. With the sabotage over four hundred people are killed. The incident serves to give Carlosch Imberlock a little more attention to his activities...

In spite of all Julian Tifflor can undertake nothing against Carlosch Imberlock, even if Noviel Residor would arrest the self appointed preacher best immediately. Julian Tifflor is not to be shaken from his firm resolution to the basic parties of the democracy and to pass through the crisis. This is an occasion enough to place at disposal all necessary means for the TLD, so that against the sectarians can become gone forward. The attack remains for the time being an isolated case and the positive news predominates: the energy supply in Terrania is guaranteed all over the country with coalescence reactors and soon there are the first Trivid broadcastings again. However, the solar residence remains anchored for the present in her base - as there is not enough available energy to let float again on her usual place above the skyline of Terrania.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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