2211 - Praetoria
Rainer Castor

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

In the LFT base world Rumal, originally furnished as a counterbalance to the arkonide presence in the Hayok sector, the work on the secret project PRAETORIA runs at full speed. The project is so confidential that even the specialists involved in the project barely know the details. The persons who take important key functions in PRAETORIA must undergo at certain distances a procedure with which the attained knowledge is hidden behind a thought block.

Rumal is also a location of the operation fleet of Hayok which encloses more than 26,000 primary units, as well as fragment-spacers of the Posbis. Only 1000 units of the Discoverer class Type II, also called Saturn class, belong to the allied fleet in the Malby system. Together with 250 pontoon tenders, the DISCOVERERs form the special fleet DISCOVERERS II. The Saturn class which is manufactured thanks to the Posbis now in series shows an advancement over the old DISCOVERER. Besides, the Saturn class places an even higher redundancy of most varied systems as one finds them also on the old DISCOVERERS. Besides, the Saturn class has so-called, low-level-technology and is prepared especially for operation which can be deployed in the shortest time, thanks to advanced modular construction methods. If one calculates 60 sloop cruisers per DISCOVERER as independent units, then already there is a contingent of 61,250 ships. In addition, the Hayok operation fleet includes: 1000 ELIMINATOR battleships of the ODIN type, equipped with a total of 12,000 VESTA cruisers.

2500 heavy fight cruisers of the NEWKREIT type (265 meters of cell diameter). 2500 heavy cruisers of PROTOS type, with 200 meters diameter. 750 Great- freighters, constructed on the ship cell of a Posbi-spacer with 3000-meter edge. The ships placed at disposal by the Posbis of the new Quasar class put out the main interest of the fleet stationed in the Malby system. 50,000 units of the so-called LFT Boxes, each with an edge length of 3000 meters and are designed as Omni-ultrabattleships for multiple operation, are also stationed in the Malby system. The ships placed at the disposal by the Posbis which show essentially stronger smoothed contours than the known fragment-spacers are fitted out with plasma components, biopositronic components and modular technology to be able to adapt themselves any time to the changing conditions of hyperresistance. According to the old tradition of the Posbis, the LFT boxes are called LFT-BOX-00.001 TO LFT-BOX-50.000.

And then there is still the secret project PRAETORIA.

PRAETORIA, whose project engineering began in 1315 NGC at the same time as the construction of the Rumal base could be realized only with massive participation of the Posbis and their industrial worlds in the intergalactic empty space. Only the project engineering, planning and preparations of the project ran for ten years. With the construction of PRAETORIA the operation of high technology was totally renounced. PRAETORIA is built up completely modular and exists of 116 cube cells with 3000-meter edge. The cube ships, each one an Omni-ultrabattleship of the quasar class, can fit together to form a bigger structure, existing of a core cell and side arms which form a kind of spatial cross formation. PRAETORIA therefore reveals itself to be a self-sufficient multifunctional base of the LFT which can uncouple its Omni ships, or, alternatively act as a compact form of unbelievable fighting power. In the centre of PRAETORIA the so-called core cell sits, actually, a spacer of the Jupiter class, with 2500 meters of diameter. In a precisely carried out manoeuvre, PRAETORIA can fragment itself or defragmentate which equates to dissolving or reforming the structure. In the cross structure PRAETORIA's built-in shafts serve as a several kilometers long shipyard and hangar area which can be flooded when required with atmosphere. If PRAETORIA is defragmentated completely, it produces a body with a maximum length of 21,000 meters. PRAETORIA can completely disassemble (fragmented) and forms together with all sloops an efficient fleet which is not impaired by the hyperresistance. In the compound (defragmentated) state PRAETORIA is an invincible space station capable of flight with and whose 960 broadside Transform Cannons can be synchronized more precisely than it would be ever possible with a spaceship fleet. The standard crew encloses 43,000 persons who are subjected to a hierarchical command structure which orientates itself by those of the Solar Empire. Then there are 2,190,000 Posbis. The Commander of PRAETORIA is Colonel Vaccon, a Vincraner who always appears in company of his dumb twin brother without rank, Siamogh. Both are mutants and have the ability to feel hyperphysical events split seconds beforehand. PRAETORIA's energy supply is guaranteed by Nug-black shield reactors and coalescence power stations. The central ball and all 116 LFT-BOXes have biopositronic calculator networks which form a networked gigantic calculator with name PRAETOR in the defragmentated state. The ships have proton ray-impulse engines and a linear impulse which was developed from modified Kalup converters. These "Hawks", offer the best possible results and should also be able to achieve well under the influence the hyperresistance.

The position in the Milky Way gets visibly worse. Together with the Qa'pesh hyperstorm which pulls Hayok with still never registered fierceness by the system of the sun another push is registered in the rise of the hyperresistance. Reginald Bull knows exactly that recently in the detection shade of the sun H076 a discovered fleet of GWALON, a shortly indicates a forthcoming military strike of Arkon. Evidently imperator Bostich wants to use the topical position to expand his empire farther and to take areas beyond the LFT. Nevertheless, Reginald Bull is not ready to withdraw farther from the Hayok sector and to leave the field to the Arkonides. Of the Star Ocean of Jamondi and the dangers possibly linked with it, as well as the destiny Perry Rhodan and Atlan, are reason enough to hold the position. Therefore, Reginald Bull plans to go on the offensive and to cross the evidently called war plans of the Arkonides. The Residence Minister for defence puts the operation fleet of Hayok onto the march and calls for PRAETORIA. With that order the immense fight station stands on the brink of her first acid test.

Reginald Bull's plan includes the occupation of an unimportant planet which lies, however, within the Hayok sector and is currently claimed by the Arkonides. A contingent of the Hayok fleet, as well as 750 Great-transporters of the Posbis head for the only desolate planet of the sun H-044. The planet, named Lump-44, was taken in a flash action and be developed as a base. The move succeeds and the Arkonides are up suddenly against a terran garrison in her sphere of influence. Reginald Bull's action forces the Arkonides to the change their thinking. The old attack plans are rejected and Ascari da Vivo appears with her clenched armed forces in the system of the sun H-044. The Mascantin does not stay long with negotiations and gives the attack order to her fleet. Therefore it comes after long period of coexistence to the first direct military confrontation between the Crystal Empire and the LFT.

Reginald Bull likewise gives the operation order for his armed forces and in the system of Lump-44 an unequal battle breaks out. According to figures considered fleet of the Arkonide, hits on a fleet determined in the defence of the Terran. Still during the fighting the relations get worse concerning the hyperresistance once more and influences directly the fighting unit. Among other things the efficiency of the Transform Cannons decreases increasingly which the Arkonides compensate by operation of their heavy interval emitters. The fight moves to and fro and develops visibly worse for the Terrans. Then, finally, PRAETORIA appears and intervenes. The enormous battle station possesses huge fight potential to which the Arkonides have nothing to oppose. The Arkonides must withdraw after the briefest time. Ascari da Vivo has suffered a destructive defeat and has lost the battle. Reginald Bull looks at the attack of Arkon as the beginning of a not yet officially explained war. Still, the Terran could assert themselves, develop Lump-44 as a base and station PRAETORIA. Reginald Bull's reckless coup has succeeded. Whether the LFT has won important gains in the longer term, however, seems doubtful. In the whole galaxy the Hyper-radios links break down, the impulses of the spacers create only fractions of their normal output - it looks as if it was the plan of the Cosmocrats to dam life in on itself. The age of hypertechnology comes to an abrupt end.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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