2210 - Der Ilt und der Maulwurf
The Ilt and the Mole
Leo Lukas

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

Dario da Eshmale, member of the arkonide nobility class, and approved top gourmet in the whole Crystal Empire and leader of the terran league service on Hayok has fulfilled part of his orders to identify the station of the Oldtimers but his opponents have pre-empted him: Kantiran and Mal Detair are again in the hands of the Arkonides. Because Dario still does not know exactly who Kantiran is, he descends into the depths of the WAREHOUSE: there, at the lowest level, lives Mayk Molinas, named "The Mole", an eccentric genius. Mole makes discrete investigations, but only however, discovers that Kantiran committed an attempt on Ascari da Vivo's life - otherwise the systems tapped by him contain no information. Officially Kantiran is considered dead. While Eshmale still considers why the two men are so important to the Terrans and how, with around everything going on in the world, he will be able to release them from the very secure headquarters of the Arkonides, particularly as agents are barely available to him for the moment, unexpected guests appear: the mouse beaver Gucky and the Halutian Icho Tolot. The pair set down to help in the rescue action.

Kantiran and Mal Detair are in the power of Shallowain, the dog. The Kralasene puts his prisoners to the Ganbaraanish torture bed, a highly painful and tormenting ordeal which nobody can keep up for long without becoming insane. For Kantiran the world sinks into pain. The Star Cross-breed already concludes his life is over when he receives a visit. Ascari da Vivo appears personally at the torture bed of her son. However, Kantiran can expect no compassion, at most the death sentence from the mouth of his own mother. Ascari da Vivo, still covered from the raid on Arkon, hides her appearance behind a distortion field. For Kantiran she briefly opens the screen and shows him her distorted face which is a meshwork of scar tissue, sickening to behold. Kantiran feels no remorse. He knows that Ascari da Vivo was the wire puller behind the murder of his beloved Thereme and and Shallowain was the means to her demise. Ascari da Vivo has only hatred for Kantiran and announces that he is to be transported shortly by Shallowain to Arkon to receive the death sentence by Bostich personally. Then he should go to Celkar where the judgment should be passed and he be executed by the Infinitives. For Kantiran that is just beginning of his wish for martyrdom. Furthermore, in her somewhat unhinged mental state, Ascari da Vivo makes hints about an imminent military strike against the LFT.

Kantiran cannot anticipate that at this time help has already arrived on Hayok which sets itself the task of his freeing. The mouse beaver Gucky and the Halutian Icho Tolot are included to strengthen the TLD troop under Dario da Eshmales. Icho Tolot calculates with high likelihood that Kantiran and his friend should first be taken to Arkon. Eshmale, who was informed meanwhile about the fact that Kantiran is the son of Perry Rhodan and Ascari da Vivo plan the freeing action. Neither an attack on the headquarters of the Arkonides nor on the ship of Shallowain promises success, hence, they decide to waylay the prisoner's transport. In the absence of staff the Mole should also take part in the action. The eccentric does not likes this at all. Not only because he should leave his mole construction and the fact he mistrusts the Ilt on account of his telepathic abilities - he "might be spied out", but also because an immense hyperstorm is imminent. Still, it is a matter of looking for ways to intercept the prisoner's transport before arrival on Shallowain's flagship LEOTARD to release Kantiran. Aggravatingly an approaching hyperstorm of never before registered magnitude has manifested itself in Hayok's immediate vicinity. Not since Meg Skala, has a storm ever reached such measured values. The Arkonides call the hyperstorm Qa'pesh which signifies “awful pack”, “wild hunter” or "beasts". After the recent data Qa'pesh moves exactly towards Hayok and instils in everyone the fear for the formation of a dreaded Tryortan throat. With the hyperstorms that cross a certain strength threshold, a kind of epicentre forms which radiates all bodies in its sphere of influence into the Void. What exactly happens if a Tryortan throat collides with a planet, cannot be forecast. There are no ranges of experience about such an incident in history. The only positive aspect in the chaos around Hayok is that the evacuation of Kantiran and Mal Detair is delayed, as departure under these conditions is simply not safe. The duo wish to use the resulting chaos and confusion of the storm to help free Kantiran and his friend.

When the storm reaches Hayok, it brings strange effects. Amongst others, dimensional distortions cause the receipt of radio messages from past eras. Gucky and Icho Tolot, still hold fast onto their plan to release Kantiran. Shallowain who probably counts on an attack sends several transport columns on different routes on the way to confuse potential attackers. Indeed, over 100 fight Gliders are included in the convoy, but Gucky manages, thanks to his paragift and a little headwork to identify that Glider in which Kantiran and Mal Detair are, but the superior strength of the opposition is crushing. Because Paratrons and Syntrons on both sides have failed, the TLD team thanks to Tolot's level brain has an important strategic advantage. Qa'pesh creates bewildering surroundings in which Icho Tolot can orientate himself only with great effort. When the fight seems already lost almost for the TLD agents and Shallowain stands shortly before his triumph, the unexpected happens.

The TLD and pilot and agent Mayk Molinas (the "mole") intervenes with a high tech gimmick developed by him. The eccentric, shy computer specialist has already examined for some time the gathering hyperstorms and has found a chance to strengthen the effects of such storms for a short time in locally restricted areas. Thus he generates a space time fold round the Gliders which is partitioned off from the normal universe. The prisoner's Glider, also containing Gucky and Tolot, collides with his own and they crash. After impact, they all find themselves scattered in the Hayok zoo which seems to be enclosed by a kind of dimension bubble. Kantiran and Mal can free themselves from their chains and flee, however, almost immediately Shallowain and the Kralasene on are their heels. Several times, Kantiran is able to bring some zoo animals under his mental control and get them to help them to escape from the pursuers. The mole, who was shot from the ejector seat seat from the falling Glider must only search his way at first for himself,  then  however, he meets the robot Eiklpalin. The robotic animal attendant takes Mole to the control central of the zoo, where he is able  to manipulate devices there so that they can neutralize the dimensional distortion. Tolot drags the unconscious Gucky through the outdoor enclosures in search of Kantiran. Only when he wades in a sea in which contains piranha-like fish who want to enjoy the pair as a meal, does the mouse beaver awake from their painful bites. Meanwhile also, Gucky gets into a time loop before which he cannot free himself easily.

Shallowain is close to seizing Kantiran and Mal and is just about to open fire, as Tolot and Gucky from one side, and Mole from the other side appear. On account of the hyperstorm Gucky cannot use his paragift, so that the Halutian and the Ilt almost arrived too late. The Mole deflects Shallowain's weapon arm with the tractor ray projector of the Veterinary robot. Shallowain's next shot causes the Robot to explode by which mole becomes seriously injured. Then Tolot is near, and against the Halutian even Shallowain does not have the smallest chance. With his last strength Mole manages to lift the dimension distortion by manipulation of the Gravityrafs of the zoo. However, in doing so the Arkonides can also reach the zoo: the area barely becomes visible in normal space again, when the LEOTARD whizzes close by. Gucky teleports the small group to safety in the security of the WAREHOUSE, nevertheless, they must leave behind Shallowain.

The hyperstorm fades away on the 9th September again; it has caused heavy damages in the whole archipelago. Mole - in reality a woman - is put in a regeneration tank. During the same day Ascari da Vivo makes all battleships of 2nd Imperial fleet ready for takeoff.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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