221 - Verschleppt nach Andro-Alpha
Kidnapped to Andro-Alpha
William Voltz


Rhodan decides to insert spies within Maahks' ranks. He asks five Terran officers, doomed by a deadly disease called the 'Plague of the Center' to become spies. The five men pretend they are deserters and assist the Maahk's prisoners to escape. Going through the Twin transmitter, they arrive on Horror where the Maahk fleet is gathering. Their mission is to collect information on the Maahk forces and send it to the Prometheus III, hiding a few parsecs away from Horror. But the Maahks are not fooled by the stratagem. They send the five men through the Horror transmitter to a planet called Androcenter, within the Andro-Alpha nebula. Andro-Alpha is a micro-nebula orbiting around Andromeda, which is the new home of the Maahks since fleeing the Milky Way.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

In the Horror System, the Maahks gather a big fleet which has traveled from Andro-alpha, one of the small galaxies adjacent to the Andromeda Nebula.

Allan D. Mercant sends five terminally ill men - Halgor Sorlund, Hegete Hegha, Cole Harper, Son-Hao and Imar Arcus - to spy on the Horror System. They have been infected by the incurable Center Plague which they contracted during an exploration flight. During the terminal stage of this disease the body crystallizes. The knowledge of the deadly illness is removed from their subconscious during their training. As part of the covert operation, the five men apparently free five Maahks (former inhabitants of the space fortress) who are prisoners of the Terrans. The five Terran spies pretend that they are rebels and propose on their own initiative an alliance between the Earth and the Methane Breathers.

On 1 April 2401, they steal a spacecraft and escape through the Twin transmitter to the planet "Horror" from which they are transmitted immediately to the Andro Center transmitter located at the center of the Andro-alpha nebula. It is composed of three suns. Once through the transmitter, tractor beams pull the small Terran vessel onto the only planet.

Michael P. Mahoney

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