2209 - Station der Oldtimer
Station of the Oldtimer
Uwe Anton

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

The Star Window in the Hayok Sector there remained three Window Stations and allows a connection with the distant far galaxy Tradom. News reaching the  Milky Way over the Star Window expels unambiguously any doubts that the change of the hyperphysical resistance also occurs in Tradom. There is no more doubt that the changes announced by the Cosmocrats in the hyperresistance, really concerns the whole universe as that distant galaxy is over 400 million light years away. On the 7th September 1331 NGCS the Star Window starts to flicker suddenly and finally breaks down completely. The connection can no longer be more produced. Whether the Galaxians stationed on Tradom's side will be able to one day return to the Milky Way, is doubtful. More and more frequent hyperstorms appear in the Milky Way and increasingly there are failures of hypertechnology. At first only Transmitter connections and Over-light flight were impaired, however, now false functions of modern Syntrons also develop. What begins with tiny divergences of arithmetic achievement, ends more and more often in serious false circuits. In the end, Reginald Bull gives the order to move the LEIF ERIKSSON entirely onto positronic workings. To their dismay the Syntrons that control flight traffic over the capital of Hayok, Vhalaum, fail causing the crashes of several ships.

Meanwhile Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder have infiltrated onto the planet Hayok with a Space Jet. Both monochrome mutants are to support the TLD operation team active on site under the direction of Trevor Leyson, with their investigations of the Oldtimer's station. Also the Terran woman Lyra Morgen, one of the best TLD experts for pre-terran history, belongs to the group. The location of the ancient station of the Oldtimers was already identified, however, in spite of intensive efforts no entrance could be yet be found in the Pen’rakli mountain range. Now with the help of Startac's teleportation ability this problem should be solved. However, the Teleporter notices that it takes much more mental energy than usual to transport the team as though something is opposing his action. When the team penetrates using teleportation into the station of the Oldtimers and makes the first investigations, the Terrans encounter numerous engineering artefacts of the Oldtimers. Indeed the Station is a twin of that found on Impos. In the station energy still exists which after so long a time speaks very highly of the engineering superiority of the Querions. Trim Marath gives the urgent target of the operation. It is a matter of finding one of those silver spheres which was used by Lotho Keraete as a means of transport into the Star Ocean of Jamondi. Such a silver sphere was also recently used against the Realm of Tradom by the Zalitian, Trerok. It is hoped that in recovering one of the spheres that they will have a means to follow Rhodan and Atlan into the Star Ocean. The mutant feels an unknown presence in the station, almost in such a way, as if living beings still existed.

While the Terrans relatively simply receive access to the computer systems of the station and with it start to recall the first data and evaluate it, Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath discover in another part of the arrangement an active transport field. Both mutants enter the venture and can be radiated by the Transmitter. The purpose station is a kind of space lens, a small capsule which lies obviously anchored deep in the corona of the Hayok sun. Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath are fascinated by their discovery, because near the space lens which permits a clear view into the Sun corona there are numerous other objects still to see. Besides, among the rest there are immense space stations which are parked deep inside of Hayok's sun, which neither Terrans nor Arkonides had been able to locate up to now. The gigantic space stations are guarded with strong protection fields by the Sun Corona. However, Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath observe also the destruction of such a space station whose protection field has broken down obviously just at this moment. The mutants suppose the cause of the disaster in the failure of important, engineering components which are based on hypertechnology and by which were affected by the rising hyperresistance. Another speculation of the mutants refers to the stations themselves which could stand in connection with the star ocean and to its surroundings Hyper cocoon.

In meantime on the LEIF ERIKSSON they become aware of an object which has just been thrown from hyperspace and entered in the normal universe. It was a planet without a sun. Fran Imith and Reginald Bull find numerous corpses of former inhabitants on the rapidly cooling planet. Evidently the beings were surprised in the middle of their everyday work and were killed. Investigations prove that the inhabitants, Ithanten as they were called and the planet was used almost exclusively for agrarian purposes. The Ithanten look coarsely manlike. The average body height of these beings amounts to 1.20 meters. The body the Ithanten is hairless, the head spherical with big, semicircular ears. With the yellowish eyes and the level nose, the faces the Ithanten remind something like koala bears. Instead of teeth the Ithanten own chewing strips. The hands and feet are six jointed and the hands are fitted out with two thumbs. In orbit around the planet a space station is discovered on which similarly dead beings are found, indeed, they belong to another species. From the little information that can be determined the beings that are similar to hedgehog are called Kybb-Cranar and have died of the same cause as the planetary inhabitants. Surprisingly, all the "hedgehogs" had allowed an exchange one of their arms for a prosthesis. Whether the Kybb-Cranar had the task to guard or protect the planet's inhabitants remains unsettled.

Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath have returned to the station of the Oldtimers and report about their discovery. The TLD specialists have likewise made a step headway and had been able to select a log file from the station computer which indicates a status of up until now unknown suns of the Hayok star archipelago. About a hundred thousand years of steady values seem to change only very recently. Again Trim Marath makes a connection with the Star Ocean, the space stations inside the sun of Hayok and the changing hyperresistance. The failure and exploding these space stations could stand with the appearance of the Star Ocean and the change in connection. Nevertheless, the final proof is missing.

Trim Marath is still struck by the strange feeling that there is still life in the station. When the mutant investigates, he finds into a row of Oldtimer statues as they were already discovered with earlier investigations. Nevertheless, these statues seem to carry a form of life within themselves and proceed to announce themselves by mental mental means as "guardians in the hyperfield". One of them, Forenthique seems to consider the mutant's team an annoyance, and the mental onrush of the guard's attack releases a defence reaction with Trim Marath and the black twin appears. Trim Marath's unaware mind projection destroys the Oldtimer statues and the mental pressure disappears. When the operation team of the station wants to leave them again Trim Marath delays. The mutant feels an immense hyperstorm approaching which is also able to influence the Teleportation abilities of Startac Schroeder. The team of the Pretonier is caught for the time being in the sub planetary arrangements.

Also on the LEIF ERIKSSON the approaching hyperstorm is registered. However, much more importantly an announcement of the terran cruiser PAKKATO which has made a menacing discovery. The Crystal Empire seems to pull together at this moment a large number of GWALON battleships in the detection shade of the nearby sun H-076. Reginald Bull interprets this manoeuvre as a forthcoming military action against the LFT and recalls Julian Tifflor with immediate effect from Arkon. Now Julian Tifflor's place is in the Sol system, while Reginald Bull remits further orders to the solar fleet. The operation fleet of Hayok from Rumal is moved into action and Reginald Bull gives the PRAETORIA the instruction to follow as quickly as possible. What is hidden exactly behind PRAETORIA, is still confidential and is not even known to the commander of the LEIF ERIKSSON. Another disconcerting announcement reaches the LEIF ERIKSSON shortly after. The stations of the star window which had already ceased to function have fallen back from their higher -dimensional location into normal space. Reginald Bull allows to immediately draw off all Terrans from the stations because he must fear that the Arkonide could abuse the Terran as hostages. The residence minister for defence is sure that the stations will be worthless shortly anyway. This counts with high likelihood not only to the window stations, but to almost all operations basing on hypertechnology on which the galactic civilization is founded.

Trim Marath - scenes of a life: on the return flight of the SOL from the Maelstrom of Stars, Trim Marath falls in love with the Kamashitin, Zitonie. Both wish desperately for a child, but however they require the support of a doctor, because monochrome mutants are infertile. For modern medicine it is no problem to initiate artificial conception, nevertheless, the executive doctor pronounces a clear warning. Nobody can exactly say with any certainty what will result from the abilities anchored in the genotype of his parents for the child. Nevertheless, Trim Marath and Zitonie stick to their wish and, in the end, their son Creider is born. Trim Marath soon recognizes that Creider evidently possesses like his father some unusual abilities. One days the boy hides in a wardrobe. When Trim searches for him there, he cannot find him, nevertheless he was there all the time. Later as the boy explains, he did not wish to be found, and so he wasn't. When one day the boy, still in the cradle, after a quarrel wishes his father dead, Trim Marath's black twin materialises. Zitonie is just able to an bring Creider to safety and Trim Marath is shaken deeply. The monochrome mutant must have felt an unaware fear of death before his son which allowed to appear the black twin. After this incident, just as the SOL had reached the Solar system, Zitonie with Creider leaves her husband and forces Trim Marath to promise not to look for them. The monochrome mutant may no more come to close to the boy. Trim Marath agrees to Zitonie's wishes and is alone from now on again. Where Zitonie has exactly turned, is unknown to him. The Kamashitin is possibly aboard SOL, under the command of Ronald Tekener; Dao Lin-H’ay and Blo Rakane which has embarked to the galaxy Hangay.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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