2208 - Agentennest Hayok
Agents Nest Hayok
Arndt Ellmer

Note: I found the summaries for 2208-2218 on the internet – not sure who, when or where. Someone spent some time on these and I hate to see them lost to the void.

Mal Detair and Kantiran have left the LEIF ERIKSSON hastily and set course into free space. The Fuertone leaves no doubt that he is unimpressed with Kantiran's ego trip. Mal Detair feels that to leave the relative security aboard the LEIF ERIKSSON and the asylum of the Terrans, is the wrong decision. Already after a brief time into their flight inexplicable, engineering disturbances become apparent. The DIRICI seems to lose energy and the speed of the Space Jet sinks rapidly. Kantiran can only explain these effects by the changes announced by Perry Rhodan in hyperresistance. Because the Gravityrafs energy converters of the jet overload and threatens to collapse, nothing else is left for Kantiran and Mal Detair other than to approach the next inhabited world. However, the next accessible system is at the same moment the last place in the universe, that Kantiran and Mal Detair might wish to be at the moment. Hayok! Hayok is firmly hands of the arkonide members of the occupying forces and is currently being  developed at lightning speeds into a arkonide naval base. Kantiran is conscious that they are still probably searching the whole region of the Crystal Empire for him. Therefore, it is to be urgently required to veil their true identity so as not to be arrested immediately on arrival. Therefore, the DIRICI becomes the KOLTRA. Mal Detair manipulates the relevant entries in the ship syntronic and both men even change the call sign of the ship to make the camouflage perfect. Lastly, a fictitious third crew member is created to steer the arkonide investigators onto the wrong track.

At the same time, the Terran League of Defence (TLD) on Hayok is occupied very heavily. Dario da Eshmale who leads the terran service and owns at the same time a perfect camouflage identity. The Arkonide acts as an approved gourmet and has access to the highest social circles of the Arkonides. From his confidential base on Hayok, to the so-called WAREHOUSE, he co-ordinates the agent's activities of the TLD. When Mascant Kraschyn appears on Hayok and many people disappear suddenly without a trace or are killed, Dario da Eshmale is not certain at first certainly what the events seem to signify. Only when Kantiran and Mal Detair are identified by the TLD, the position becomes clearer. He observes how Kralasene instigate a guerrilla warfare with the local SENTENZA, however he cannot concentrate on these actions, because he is occupied with a second operation of enormous importance to the Terrans. It is concerns the identification of an Oldtimer station on Hayok which up to now went undiscovered and from which Lotho Keraete took the silver sphere of the Querions. Lotho Keraete was observed on Hayok shortly before he arrived on board the LEIF ERIKSSON. The supposition is obvious that he has recovered his querionish silver sphere just as he had once recovered Trerok from a secret source on Hayok. Dario is now attempting to find the precise location of this source. With his investigations he discovers that underneath the vast mountain range of the planet lies a complex cave system about which nobody had previously been aware of its existence. This system can be probably only now be located, after the changes in hyperresistance had struck.

While Kantiran and Mal Detair try to overhaul the KOLTRA in a shipyard Dario da Eshmale attempts to protect the pair of refugees with his agents. It has been estimated that repairs would take approximately two weeks which cause severe problems for Dario. The delay is caused by the fact that DIRICI is not the only ship with problems in the current climate.  However, pair shortly manage to retreat into a cheap hotel.

Confusion increases steadily these days. Not only does space flight become constantly more dangerous and more difficult, also the syntronics turn increasingly more unreliable. In this situation the KARRIBO and the LEOTARD land on Hayok. Dario da Eshmale is consciously aware of the significance of this. The Mascant Ascari da Vivo and the Kralasene Shallowain have arrived. In the end, the Oldtimer station can be localized by Dario da Eshmale's agents in the Pen'rakli mountains.

Two Mascants, Kraschyn and Ascari da Vivo meet to a hold confidential conversation. Bostich has new plans to expand his sphere of influence farther and which also contain a specific military strike against the LFT. The time seems favourable, because Perry Rhodan and Atlan are considered missing and absent. Bostich is advancing to the South-Side of the Milky Way thereby enclosing thus the sphere of influence the LFT. In the mid term the imperator is aims to occupy Olymp and Siga. In progress from Bostich's planning, Hayok has already developed into a strong fleet base. Therefore, together with the KARRIBO and the LEOTARD some super-transporters are advancing to Hayok, which carry the improved positronic components to arm Hayok. Furthermore, the arkonide secret service has heard rumours of a project called "PRAETORIA". What this is they have been unable to determine yet, however, they assume that it concerns a military system, possibly a new weapon.

Ascari da Vivo is hidden all the time behind a field visor  and moves with a hover-chair. It is rumoured that she was disfigured and seriously injured in the incident on Arkon. Nevertheless, Mascantin continues to perform her role farther. Only one can signify two Mascants on Hayok. One of the pair will lead the military strike against the LFT, while the other stays behind on Hayok to control the naval base. The arkonide attack seems to be approaching swiftly. The LFT reacts for their part to the seeming menace and develops the planet Rumal as a base. Besides, the Terrans quickly accelerate a confidential project with code-name PRAETORIA.

When Shallowain again takes up the trail of Kantiran and Mal Detair, the hunt for the refugees begins immediately again. Soon after they nearly fall victim to criminals who have seen Kantiran's white credit chip, they can be traced to the terran enclave the Etymba. At first the pair are able to escape by fleeing from the Celistas, however, in the end they fall into the hands of Shallowain, the dog. The Kralasene stuns the refugees and freights Kantiran and Mal Detair in his glider. The destiny of both seems to be sealed.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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