2207 - Der letzte Gesang
The Last Song
Frank Borsch

The new governor of Baikhal Cain, Raphid-Kybb-Karter, must face the same problems as his predecessor. The Cybernetic Command always requires more foam opal. To achieve the higher requirements, the Raphid-Kybb-Karter improves the living conditions of the Motanas in the mine, thereby increasing their productivity. But he receives new orders and must deliver twenty-five thousand Motanas to orbiting fleet vessels. Twenty-five thousand Motanas equates to a tenth of the planet’s total population. He is forced to develop a plan, albeit one which turns out to be brilliant. He allows some slaves to escape from the mine after having them injected with nanomachines. These nanomachines permits the escaping Motanas to be tracked electronically. Thus, the Kybb-Cranar learn where the free Motanas’ hideouts are in the forest.

In the residence of the Motanas, Perry Rhodan has Lesyde, the younger syster of Zephyda, explain the culture of the Motanas to him. In exchange, he must tell her adventure stories. The girl is like all Motana - addicted to good stories. A big feast takes place, during which every Motana must sing a song. Atlan doesn't have any problem because he partners up with Zephyda, who he has fallen deeply in love with. Rhodan teams up with Lesyde but, unfortunately, she is not a good singer. They make due with the talents they do possess: Perry manufactures a flute and plays it while Lesyde dances. This ends up being the greatest sensation of the entire feast because until now the interplay of music and movement was completely unknown to the Motanas.

The feast ends abruptly when the Kybb-Cranars attack. For a short time it looks as if the Motana, as a result of their special mystical songs (or chorals), will be able to effectively defend against the attack, because under the song’s paranormal influence such devices as the Kybb-Cranar’s energy weapons and force fields fail. However, then spaceships, which hover over the settlement, attack and brutally suppress any resistance. The whole residence is destroyed and the “Global Majesty” is killed. Rhodan, Atlan, Zephyda and Lesyde flee but Lesyde is seriously wounded by the fall of a tree and ultimately dies. In the last minute, Rhodan, Atlan and Zephyda are saved by Rorkhete the Nomad who brings them, by way of his hovertrike, to a clearing where they are expected by the ocean oracle. The ocean oracle consists of a group of creatures which look like the manatees of earth. They are of the same species which Rhodan and Atlan met during their journey across the sea. The water creatures have psi faculties and teleports Rhodan, Atlan, Zephyda (who is severely injured), and Rorkhete to an unknown place.

Michael P. Mahoney 2008-04-01

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