2206 - Gesang der Hoffnung
Song Of Hope
Frank Borsch

The Kybb-Cranar pursue Perry Rhodan and Atlan. The two immortal’s goal is to reach the settlements of the Motana which - according to the Motana slaves in the Holy Mountain - are located in the forests of the planet, Baikhal Cain.

Meanwhile, the quotas of foam opal are doubled again. The new quota is considered too unrealistic and the director of the mine, Raphid-Kybb-Karter, revolts against the governor of the planet and takes his place. He is now the supreme leader of the entire planet.

Perry Rhodan and Atlan arrive in the forest. Every day the neck collars that they wear inject them with the deadly poison and both know they will eventually die from the poison despite their cellular activators. Contact is finally established with a group of Motana rangers. The leader of the group is Zephyda, a young, very attractive Motana with long red hair. At first there is mistrust but Atlan finally breaks the ice by giving Zephida the bag with Jadyel’s belongings. Zephyda recognizes the various objects in the bag since Jadyel happens to be her brother. She realizes that Jadyel died during his escape attempt.

The Motanas bring Atlan and Rhodan to their main residence. They live in the "Residence of Pardahn" in symbiosis with nature. The Motanas live in "nests" which are, in reality, platforms in the trees. The Global Majesty, the old woman who governs all Motanas, gives Atlan and Rhodan more information about the history of the Star Ocean and the Motana. She explains that the Motanas were previously a great people. The Motana settled on many planets, including Baikhal Cain, and were the masters of the Star Ocean before the “Cybernetic Night of Barinx”. However, this was many years ago and presently the Motana are enslaved everywhere by the Kybb-Cranar. There is no longer any contact between the various worlds.

The Motanas bring Atlan and Rhodan to a station of the Kybb-Cranar which they attack and take over. Here, Rhodan and Atlan are finally delivered from their neck collars. During the process, Rhodan and Atlan realize that the Motana still possess great technical knowledge despite the fact that they have returned to nature in their daily life. Atlan begins to fall in love with Zephyda.

After having their neck collars removed, they return to the “Residence of Pardahn” where they soon receive a visit from the strange creature on the Hover-Trike that they had observed during their journey to Baikhalis. His name is “Rorkhete the Nomad” and he is well known and respected by the Motana. He submits Rhodan and Atlan to a test, the ocean oracle having discovered in them a particular aura. Rorkhete want to know if they are the new the masters of the Star Ocean of Jamondi but the test is negative. The mysterious Rorkhete then departs.

For the time being, Rhodan and Atlan remain with the Motana because their presence gives new hope to the Motana even though they do not have the right aura.

Michael P. Mahoney 2008-03-27

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