2204 - Planet der Mythen
Planet of Myths
Claudia Kern

ES' envoy Lotho Keraete is frozen under a thick sheet of ice at the crash site of the silver transport ball. Perry and Atlan find themselves robbed of their equipment and exposed to a frigid weather of approximately minus 25C. After a short debate over how to proceed, Atlan becomes determined that they must located inhabitants in this ice desert. Perry would have rather waited at the crash site, but gives in and follows Atlan.

Close to frostbite, the companions meet a herd of manatee like animals that reach up to three meters of length. The two succeed in killing one of the animals with a stone. They climb inside the cadaver, using the remainder of its body warmth to protect the men for the night.

In a dream Perry Rhodan sees a humanoid woman with blue skin and long golden fingernails. Her head is bald and she floats over the snow. The Terran feels that he must follow her, but does not understand why. When she turns and looks at him, he stares into icy gray eyes.

The next morning, after waking up, the two men meet a group of hunters from the race of the Vay Shessod, who remind them of upright going raccoons with extra large hands. After the two Galactics manage to make contact with sign language, they gradually learn the language of the raccoon beings over the next few weeks.

The simple society of the Vay Shessod consists of a complicated network of honor binding, stories and rituals. Perry and Atlan learn that the world they are on is called Baikhal Cain. The Vay Shessod live almost exclusively on the sea cow like animals they call Keyzen. They clearly do not possess any real technology, and do not even produce what technology they do have, but trade their catches for technical devices in the city Ptumak. When the two immortals want to immediately leave for the city, they are held back, having to spend the rest of the hunting season with the Vay Shessod, which lasts another hundred days. Only as Atlan and Rhodan save a group of stranded hunters on the ice with their technical knowledge in an emergency, are they allowed to leave out of gratitude to them. The Vay Shessod build the two men a boat, with which they can reach the city Ptumak.

Before leaving they experience still more stories and myths of the strange world. Baikhal Cain is controlled by the Kybb Cranars; they mine for valuable materials. One of the legends mentions that a long time ago the Protectors of Jamondi and the Sentries watched over the star ocean of Jamondi. They were destroyed by betrayal during the "Cybernetic Night of Barinx ". Allegedly one of the Sentries is said to have hidden away on Baikhal Cain. Perry Rhodan and Atlan say good-bye in friendship and thank the raccoon like beings as they begin their boat journey to Ptumak. This proves to be arduous, dangerous and interesting, as well as the boat is accompanied by apparently intelligent "sea-cows".

Ptumak proves to be a backwater full of cutthroats carrying out their dreadful affairs, in which there is however no major technology. The two Galactics learn that the planetary capital is called Baikhalis. Only this city can be their next goal, because there is also a spaceport there.

At the Namoi station, where they hire themselves out as workers, they begin to earn money as technicians for two riding animals for the cumbersome trip to Baikhalis. Finally, on their way to the capital they meet a strange being that seems to follow them on a "Hover Trike". It is an approximately one and a half meter tall, broadly built humanoid, who wears an oversized helmet. The person does not react to the attempts by the immortals to make contract.

When they reach the vicinity of Baikhalis, in which they see an at least five hundred meter wide castle of black metal and the space port which holds a multitude of cube shaped ships on its landing pads, they are attacked and paralyzed by some gliders and taken prisoner together with other humanoids.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-28

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