2202 - Der Hyperschock
Hyper Shocks
Susan Schwartz

News from the LFT: The recently returned Mars has been colonized, the Aarus are still in the Milky Way and Mondra Diamond is a State Secretary in the staff of the League Minister of Foreign Affairs Julian Tifflor. The no longer to be denied changes of the hypercontinuum have at least one positive aspect: The downhill running of the economy was stopped, because the preparatory measures of the Terrans seem to have worked. Other than that, though, there is only bad news. Transmitter traffic lays fallow (Perry Rhodan forbids the transport of people with transmitters completely), which brings an upswing to commercial space travel. A term for the disturbances was already coined: Hyperphysical resistance is the name of the effect, which also ensures that ships are simply hurled ever more frequently from hyperspace or not even able to get over the speed of light. The hyperlight speed factors are generally reduced up to seven percent, and the hyperradio ether is disturbed. It will require ever increasing energy, in order to obtain certain hyperenergetic effects, while at the same time crystals used (e.g. Howalgonium) are being leech faster than usual.

But the news these days is overwhelmingly about a completely different event - the approaching wedding of Reginald Bull and Fran Imith (see PR mini-series Odyssey for details on how they met) is imminent! The celebration must however be postponed, because Bull must examine a new, inexplicable phenomenon. Violent space quakes are shaking many sectors of the galaxy, but they are occurring in almost completely empty space, where there are no suns. Bull observes a suddenly appearing asteroid swarm in one of these areas in the proximity of the Hayok star archipelago. On one of the asteroids is a metallic radio dome, which must be at least two thousand years old and has engravings of unknown characters. And the technology used in the station appears completely unfamiliar.

On August 30, 1331 NGE Kantiran is still on the run with Mal Detair from Shallowain the "Hound". They risked and succeeded in making the passage with their glider through a large transmitter to Quovan-7, despite the disturbances in hyperspace. After the landing, or actually, more a crash, they try to get passage aboard a freighter that is not flying towards Thantur Lok. Kantiran buys a passage for himself and his companion with Commander Juéla, since her destination, Reno 25, leads in the correct direction.

When they reach Reno 25, they try to submerge themselves in the town center of an enormous city, which covers the whole continent. They change their appearance with simple means, in order to be considered Arkonides. They buy an old used Space-Jet, the DIRICI. With this they launch and fly again further away from Thantur Lok. They end up n difficulties however, for it comes to ever growing disturbances in hyperspace. Kantiran tells Mal during the flight of his disgust for the Arkonides and his mother, who let him be born in-vitro, and decides to go to his father, Perry Rhodan.

Kantiran and its companion fly with the DIRICI to Terra. They pretend to be tourists, who want to watch the upcoming wedding of Reginald Bull to Fran Imith. They are not recognized yet, but are bid welcome, although they have journeyed from the Crystal Empire. Kantiran is deeply impressed. Later they reach the Solar Residence, which offers a grand sight.

They try to be taken to the Resident Perry Rhodan in the Solar Residence, but are arrested and brought to Mondra Diamond instead. He asks formally for asylum and to be brought to the Resident.

Unnoticed by the others, he informs Perry Rhodan that he is the son of Ascari da Vivo. After that, Kantiran is examined and the result shows he is telling the truth. It comes to a discussion between father and son. Kantiran informs Perry that he hates his mother and therefore committed an attack upon her, because she only wanted to manipulate him. Perry accepts his behavior, although he does not understand it, and offers Kantiran his paternal friendship and grants him asylum.

Soon, the event of the century begins. On September 2, 1331 NGE all the stations on Terra report live on the finally occurring wedding of Fran Imith and Reginald Bull. Kantiran and Mal Detair participate in the ceremony. But for the second time, the wedding is interrupted, for the spacequakes are approaching a kind of climax. Kantiran and his friend meet on the ROALD AMUNDSEN with Bully and his fiancé to fly back to the Hayok sector. Trim Marath, who has already been feeling ill for some time, is shaken by cramps. Then it happens. A whole star cluster suddenly emerges...

Cedric Beust 2005-10-28

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