219 - Teleporter Achtung!
Teleporter: Attention!
Kurt Mahr


After its defeat by the Terrans in the Twin system, the fortress flies through the transmitters and arrives in the Sextuple system. It then proceeds to attack Kahalo. To destroy it once for all, Rhodan sends teleporter mutants inside the gigantic ship, where they leave a gigabomb. The operation is a success and the fortress is destroyed, but the mutants can't make it back to any Terran ship and are marooned in space.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The fortress of the Maahks, followed by the KHREST II, reaches the Orbone System by way of the Twin transmitter and threatens the planet Kahalo. At the time of an attack by the Terran flagship, Pucky, Ras Tschubai and Tako Kakuta teleport aboard the gigantic fortress, deposit an Arkonide bomb and leave the vessel (as it is breaking apart) in one of the "pencil" ships. They are discovered and disarmed. When the energy shield of the Maahk cruiser is weakened by a Terran vessel, the teleporters can flee into space, where they drift helplessly. Only five "pencils" succeed in escaping from the Terran units.

During this time more than eighty-four metal cylinders containing some dead Maahks materialize in the Twin transmitter.

Michael P. Mahoney

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