218 - Brennpunkt Twin
Flash Point Twin
H.G. Ewers


The Maahk's flying fortress attacks Raum/Quinta. It is protected by an inpenetrable green field and uses the dreadful Converter Guns. The Terrans fight with Transformer Guns and giga Arkon bombs, the only weapons that seem to be able to penetrate the force field. They manage to keep the fortress away and retain control of the Twin System transmitter.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

In the Twin System, the Terran fleet faces the space fortress of the Maahks. The massive action of the Terran transform cannons could destabilize the system. Thus, Perry Rhodan, worried that millions of alien creatures inhabiting the planets of the system may be killed, limits the use of his greatest weapon. The green energy shield of the fortress resists all other Terran weapons. When the Maahks use their converter cannons which had, in turn, been used against them by the Arkonides during the Methane War, Ismail ben Rabat, the commander of the VOLTAIRE and Omar Hawk (along with his Okrill), are projected into an underground control station on Quinta. The space fortress expels the "pencil-shaped" spacecraft and the Maahks seize Quinta. The Terran troops defeat the Methane-breathers on the control planet and save ben Rabbat and Hawk. A massive use of the transform cannons against the fortress finally breaks its energy shield and forces it to flee.

Michael P. Mahoney

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