217 - Gefahr aus der Vergangenheit
Danger From The Past
K.H. Scheer


02 2401. Using the the giant escape pod, the Terrans try to send a message to the Prometheus III, but the message is intercepted by the wheel-shaped fortress guarding Horror. The fortress captures the Khrest II and the Terrans discover that the inhabitants of the fortress are Maahks, a methane-breathing race that once populated the Milky Way. A merciless war between them and the Arkonids 10,000 years ago, was won by the Arkonids, thanks to the Converter Guns(a gift to the Arkonids from IT). The new weapon tilted the war in favor of the Arkonids and nearly all the Maahks in the galaxy were exterminated. The survivors fled to Andromeda, and now serve the Masters of the Island.

The flying fortress departs from Horror and flies through the Horror transmitter, intending to attack the Terran fleet in the Twin system. During the transition, both the fortress and the Khrest come back to their normal sizes (250km for the fortress!). The Khrest II is able to escape from within the fortress and rejoins Tifflor.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Attracted by the radio messages of the shuttle, the alien space fortress appears on the Yellow floor. The Terrans retreat to the KHREST II with their planes. The fortress attacks the KHREST II directly and takes it aboard. Its inhabitants are stocky creatures who are two meter twenty centimeters tall with a hemispheric bald head and four eyes. The two arms are tentacles which end in six fingers. They live in an atmosphere of hydrogen and methane.

With a frightening realization, Atlan recognizes that they are Maahks, the leading people of the dreaded Methane-Breathers, the same Maahks who brought the large empire of the Arkonides to the edge of the abyss around ten thousand years before at the time of the Great Methane War. Since the end of the war one believed that they had been annihilated.

When the fortress moves away from Horror it resumes its normal size. However, the KHREST II and its crew remains reduced in size. When the fortress goes through the Twin Transmitter and arrives in the Twin System, the Terrans and their vessel also return to their original size. Vessels of Tifflor's fleet fight the Maahk space fortress. The KHREST II makes a hole in the wall of its prison in the space fortress and escapes.

Michael P. Mahoney

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