216 - Aufbruch der Oldtimer
Departure Of The Old-Timers
William Voltz


In order to warn the Prometheus III, now on its way to Horror, so it is not struck by the reduction beam, Rhodan sets up an operation that must go back into the second planetary layer and bring back an escape pod that was abandoned there during their trip through the planet. The task is daunting, since the humans are only 2mm tall, but they successfully pilot the ship back to the surface.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

As a part of the shrinkage process on the planet "Horror", the personnel of the KHREST II are victims of a psychosis named "lunacy" - a condition whereby a person may become very aggressive at any moment. In order to procure for themselves a hypercom unit so that they can warn the ANDROTEST III (PROMETHEUS III), four chemical propulsion airplanes, nicknamed “Oldtimers”, leave on January 14, 2401 for the Red floor of the planet "Horror". They discover that the city Kraa has been destroyed but still reach their goal - two shuttles (fight shifts or "tanks") of the C-11 which had been abandoned nearby. A Bloo (a vicious spider-like animal) and some Voluts (Esquis who live on the Red Floor) who have survived the destruction of Kraa fight over one of the battleship's shuttles. After great difficulties, the mousebeavers get the other shuttle moving through the use of their telekinetic abilities. The Terrans proceed to the Yellow floor with this shuttle while at the same time coming under fire from the Voluts. They successfully reach the Yellow floor eight days after their departure from the KHREST II.

Michael P. Mahoney

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