215 - Endstation des Grauens
Last Stop: Horror
H.G. Ewers


Using the Sextuple transmitter, Tifflor arrives and occupies the Twin system. At the same time, the Prometheus II is approaching Horror but cannot locate the Khrest II, since it is now too small to be seen and unable to send radio signals. The Prometheus II then tries to land and suffers the same fate as the Khrest II.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

With a fleet of five thousand heavy cruisers and three thousand transport units, Solar Marshal Tifflor passes through the hexagon transmitter and occupies the Twin System.

The ANDROTEST II (PROMETHEUS II) leaves the Twin System for the planet "Horror" in order to save the crew of the KHREST II. On the way to "Horror", Omar Hawk meets the mysterious Dull who gives him a preview of the past and the future showing the greatly reduced KHREST II. The Okrill Sherlock gives birth to a baby Okrill.

When the vessel reaches the Horror System during the first days of January 2401, past events are reconstructed partly with the help of Sherlock. The alien fortress attacks the ANDROTEST II. The ANDROTEST crashes on the surface of the planet and the crew is reduced in size by the compression potential.

Michael P. Mahoney

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