214 - Der Kampf um die Pyramiden
The Battle of the Pyramids
Kurt Mahr


In the Milky Way, the Terrans are still looking for Kahalo, where the central command of the Sextuple transmitter is assumed to be. A ship is eventually able to locate the planet but the Masters of the Islands dispatch a fleet of cylindrical ships through the transmitter at the same moment. These ships shoot some sort of death ray that destroys all life on the planet, including its inhabitants. The arrival of a huge Terran fleet prevents the cylindrical ships from destroying the Purple Pyramids, where the central station is located. Despite superior firepower, the cylinders must flee from the Terran fleet. The Terrans are now in control of the Purple Pyramids.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The Terran battleship MOHICAN discovers Kahalo - a planet long searched for by the Solar Imperium. It is assumed that the control station for the Milky Way’s hexagon transmitter is located on this planet.

At the same moment, energy eruptions take place close to the solar transmitter. A cruiser, of the same type as the one met by the KHREST II in the Twin System, appears above Kahalo. It uses some sort of vibratory weapon on the planet in order to kill its original inhabitants, the "Big Heads". The MOHICAN attacks the foreign vessel. It is about to succumb to the alien space vessel (shaped like a "pencil") when other Terran units finally arrive and help it. The "pencils" are equipped with fewer weapons but the Terrans still cannot defeat them easily.

Teleporters Ras Tschubai and Tako Kakuta clear the deadly circle around the pyramids on Kahalo. They discover the control station of the transmitter in spite of the robots protecting it. The “pencils” finally flee and the professor Kalup begins to study the installation.

Michael P. Mahoney

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