2124 - In der Zwielichtzone
In The Twilight Zone
Uwe Anton

Terran scientists carry out some studies in the research center Mercury-Alpha on the data obtained at the time of the meeting with Trah Rogue. Blo Rakane, the White Halutian (Haluter), arrives on the planet in the company of Bré Tsinga. Rakane discovers some anomalies in the syntron (central computer), which are at such a minimal level that they have not yet been detected by the Terran scientists. He informs Noviel Residor, the chief of the Terran League Service (the intelligence service). The Halutian ends up discovering a spy probe of unknown origin on the hostile surface of Mercury. He succeeds with a weapon developed by himself in catching and neutralizing the alien probe, which Blo Rakane believes has been sent to Mercury by Trah Rogue. He attempts to disassemble it on board of his ship, the ZHAURITTER. He succeeds in extracting data from the probe but, in the process, the device self-destructs, also triggering impulses which act on certain personnel of the research center who have been, unknown to themselves, conditioned on a psychological basis. These conditioned personnel are in possession of capsules of gas. Bré Tsinga falls victim when she tries to come to their aid and prevent them from releasing the deadly gas. However, she is saved at the last minute.

It is ultimately determined that Trah Rogue has been able to get some information on the Aagenfelt Gate. To the surprise of all, the trail leads to the BASE.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-30

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