2123 - Wahnzeit
Ernst Vlcek

Sihame must wait for one year before all formalities are accomplished so that she can marry the Prince Warrior Soner. Immediately after their honeymoon tour of the Watertime Galaxy, a bad surprise waits for Soner: four of his ministers have been brutally murdered - just as he had himself executed admiral Hergetoor, high dignitary of the Koshy-Shyna. Soner understands that it is a warning from the criminal organization. As a result, the Prince Warrior intensifies his struggle with the Koshy-Shyna. He makes several diplomatic trips and succeeds in developing good relationships with the eight other Prince Warriors. Unfortunately, he and his wife Sihame do not succeed in conceiving a heir. Finally, Soner goes to consult with the prophet Riddyn who predicts he will have a son. And hardly has he returned home when he learns that his companion Sihame is pregnant.

Thereafter, Soner decides to strike a major blow against the Koshy-Shyna. The operation succeeds but, in reprisal, the newly born son of Soner is murdered. He pays another visit to the prophet, and falls into a trap of the criminal organization. Unbeknownst to Soner, the prophet has been drugged by the Koshy-Shyna and predicts wrongly that Soner will be the source of a terrifying misfortune. Confused, the Prince Warrior runs away and when he comes back home, he has changed. He sends Sihame away to an isolated wing of the palace. He undertakes numerous brutal actions and then murders all the prophets. Sihame tries to bring him back to reason but she finds another in her bed: the childhood friend of Soner, Minda.

The worse act of Soner is soon to come: he leaves with one hundred thousand warships of his fleet in order to occupy Vision, the planet of the Pangalactic Statisticians. As a result, he must oppose the other Prince Warriors. Meanwhile, Minda drops her mask: she is in fact the head of the Koshy-Shyna that she joined because Soner had originally rejected her and chosen Sihame as his wife instead. It is her that organized the trap with the prophet Riddyn, which led to Sonerís erratic behavior. Soner kills Minda for her treachery. The next stage of the drama is now about to begin. In a few days there is going to occur one of the rare conjunctions where several Statisticians have to leave their towers at the same time.

Three weeks after Atlan and his companions left on board of the ADSCHA-ZABOROO junk, the powers to be in the Watertime Galaxy contact Ronald Tekener on board of the SOL and gives him and the Terrans permission to intervene. The gigantic cruiser is allowed to enter the Watertime Galaxy.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-30

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