2122 - Die Prinzenkrieger
The Prince Warriors
Ernst Vlcek

The Pfauchonian Soner, unique son and heir of the Prince Warrior Marca, is born on the planet Kazién from where the Master of Light reigns one of the nine "sections" of the Watertime Galaxy. Eight comets blaze in the sky on the day of his birth and eight is the absolute symbol of misfortune. Marca orders the event erased from all registers, kills all the astrologers and makes capital punishment the penalty for anyone who speaks of the meteoroid shower that occurred at the time of his son’s birth.

The small prince Soner grows up in his father's palace. The Pfauchonians have developed a complex sense of honor that, outside of their religion, is the basis of their life. Soner secretly wanders around the palace, ignoring the fact that he is supervised closely by his instructors. At the time of one of his excursions, he meets Parkiru, the son of the Minister of Global Security. A deep friendship develops between the two children.

When Soner is older, he travels with his father on one of his diplomatic missions but his biggest wish, to land on the planet Vision, doesn't come true. At eleven years of age, the young prince obtains two deflectors. With their help, he frequently leaves the palace and enters the planet’s capital city, the City of Glass, with his friend Parkiru. There, he can experience the daily life on Kazién. One day he meets the stranger Rodo, who warns him about the Koshy-Shyna sect, a criminal organization. Shortly afterwards, during another one of their excursions, Soner and Parkiru spend too much time exploring the city and cannot return to the palace before the night begins. It is a real night, the Pfauchonians refusing all artificial lighting. They wander around the city in absolute darkness, get lost and fall into the hands of criminals. Rodo saves them, but Soner is not certain that he didn't organize the kidnapping in order to make himself appear as their rescuer.

As a result of this latest incident in the city, Marca decides to modify the formation plan of his son. He is instructed in the language of honor, an idiom solely mastered by the Pfauchonians of high rank. The young prince learns it quickly and also develops his talents in close hand to hand combat. At the end of his formation, Soner submits to the ritual of the Saltan. It is about a parasitic animal in the shape of a ponytail fixed at the rear of the head, a process provoking violent pains. When Soner finally gets over the ceremony, his father takes him to Vision, the planet of Pangalactic Statisticians. Marca informs Soner that his mother was murdered by members of the Koshy-Shyna. As a precaution, he asks Soner not to ever undertake anything against them. A very fragile truce appears to exist between the Koshy-Shyna and the official governments of Watertime.

On Vision, Soner meets the young Sihame, the daughter of the Prince Warrior Vaxine. They fall in love but as their fathers are hostile toward each other, a common future is not foreseeable. Back on Kazién, Soner appears apathetic, until he is kidnapped again. However, this time he succeeds in escaping on his own.

He then goes incognito to the domain of Vaxine to enter into contact with Sihame. There, he is stopped as a presumed terrorist and is brought before the Prince Warrior. When Sihame hurries to the help of her beloved Soner, Vaxine understands that he won't be able to oppose their love and declares himself ready to put an end to the old hostility with Marca. However, the two Prince Warriors die before having put an official end to the hostilities.

Soner ascends the throne and, according to custom, must accomplish a ritual murder. He must kill one of the Pfauchonians who was born at the same moment as him. As a result, he is forced to execute his old childhood friend, Parkiru.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-26

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