2121 - Turm der Visionen
Tower Of The Visions
Susan Schwartz

After the Galactics solve the strange set of murders on board of the Malic Junk ADSCHA-ZABOROO, the flight continues without any other incidents. On the 20th December, the ship reaches its goal, the planet Vision, and drops off its passengers in the chaos of the city of Rik'ombir in the center of which rises the Tower of the Visions.

Atlan and his companions find a guide in the person of the robot Chaparu-27, which also procures them lodging. All newcomers, the winners of the Lottery, are thus taken in charge this way. The Galactics understand that all strangers are prepared for the visit to the Tower where the Pangalactic Statistician Rik resides. Rik, like all the Pangalactic Statistician, spies on the vast extent of the cosmos and regularly transmits his information to the Vionaries, small gnomes who have a photographic memory. These are the real statisticians because they then log all the data into the cosmological media libraries. Atlan and his companions realize that they have not been brought as they originally thought to an intermediate world but directly onto the planet of the Statisticians.

Trim Marath feels strangely attracted to the Tower of the Visions. He is in a rush to get to the Tower as soon as possible. It is not until the 22nd December that the Galactics can finally go there. Trim Marath nearly reaches the Pangalactic Statistician Rik but ultimately fails. After the visit, they have access to the cosmological media library. They look for information on Thoregon but discover to their great disappointment that the data is not cataloged. To find specific information, it is necessary to have a little luck - in effect, the search has to be carried out on a random basis.

The following day, Atlan proposes that each member of his group attempts his or her luck in another city. Trim Marath wants to try to reach the Pangalactic Statistician Rik again. Startac remains with him. The research in the cosmological media libraries proves to be fruitful: the sun Taknu where those who had survived the abyss had found shelter failed to turn into nova and that the Cosmocrats are responsible for preventing it from turning into a nova. In addition, the Guards of Light exist in a galaxy one half-billion light-years away. But before the data search can progress further, Vision is attacked by a foreign fleet and the evacuation of the planet is ordered.

The incursion of Trim Marath into the Tower of Visions, where he once again nearly manages to contact the Pangalactic Statistician Rik, prevents the Galactics from reaching the last evacuation vessel. However, in the last minute, they are rescued by the assassin Kuni Maghate whose strong code of honor requires that he repay his debt to them for their help during their trip to Vision on the ADSCHA-ZABOROO.

Michael Mahoney 2015-08-22

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