2120 - Assassine an Bord
Assassin On Board
H.G. Francis

Thanks to the intervention of the Good Spirit of Watertime, the Galactics are able to go on board of a Malic Junk in spite of their failure in the Lottery. Atlan is accompanied by Mohodeh Kascha, the Halutien Icho Tolot, Myles Kantor, Mondra Diamond and the two mutants Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath.

The junk, called the ADSCHA-ZABOROO, is a gigantic cruise liner on which the crew tries to provide the most pleasing possible journey to the winners of the Lottery. However, a passenger is killed in an explosion close to Atlanís cabin. Other deaths soon occur. The Arkonide and his companions try to find the murderer but they are consistently stonewalled by the crew. The captain, a Gray Marlite, is of little help to them. All the same, the Galactics eventually succeed in stopping the guilty party, a Pfauchonian, and handing him over to the authorities.

But shortly afterwards another passenger is murdered. Atlan forces the captain to answer his questions and learns that the murderous Pfauchonian is in the service of the Prince-Warriors, the reigning power in control of the Watertime Galaxy. The murders are actually considered to be legal executions. Unfortunately, the last victim barricades himself in the engine room and threatens to blow up the junk. Startac Schroeder succeeds in preventing the worst from happening while teleporting himself to safety at the last moment.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-20

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