212 - Die Mikro-Festung
The Micro-Fortress
William Voltz


In order to restore the ship's to its original size, Rhodan sends a team to the south pole to destroy the dome. The team uses antique jets, whose engines don't seem to be affected by the reduction field. However, the aircraft are attacked by flying robots and their pilots only barely make it back to the Khrest II. In the meantime, Rhodan learns that the domes were created during a war between the inhabitants of the yellow floor and those on the surface. The two peoples exterminated each other and only the robots on the surface remain.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The Positronic brain of the KHREST II confirms that the shrinkage effect comes from the station at the south pole of the planet "Horror". On 18 December 2400, Don Redhorse, Lope Losar, Oleg Sanchon, Into Belchman and Zanto Aybron leave for the south pole with jet fighters that have chemical propulsion. After a short flight they are shot down by robots. These robots bring their prisoners into a primitive fortress that Redhorse baptizes Llalag. Redhorse learns that the robots are controlled by lumps of protoplasm in their head - the degenerate remnants of the original inhabitants of Llalag. While trying to free themselves, Sanchon and Belchman are killed. Don Redhorse, Losar and Aybrons reach the KHREST II with their last ounce of strength.

Michael P. Mahoney

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