2119 - Der letzte Sturm
The Last Storm
Horst Hoffmann

The RIGO, still captive of a para-reality, is stuck on the forbidden continent Sikma. Benjameen da Jacinta is a prisoner in his zero-dream and the RIGO's captain, Eshmatay Amgen, waits for his death without caring or doing anything about it.

By themselves, Tess Qumisha and Ailey, the engineer of the dirigible, can not bring back the airship to Kara. But Benjameen wakes up suddenly, with a paramental jolt that even pulls Eshmatay from his lethargy. With the mutant's help, the dirigible can finally leave the continent and can regain the reality over the open ocean. Benjameen now tells the others about his adventures in Quintatha. Benjameen and Tess rejoin Rhodan. Since the Arkonide fears that the deadly harpoon injury of the Large Gray provokes, in fact, the death of the gelatinous mass in Sikma and draws the E'Valenters onto the trail of the Terrans, the LEIF ERIKSSON and the KARRIBO leave Linckx in great haste.

Shirka also survived his fight against the Large Gray Rishtyn-Jaffami and arrived as well in the "cold continuum" - the real universe. Shirka receives a knife and a mask and is transformed by the E'Valenters into a “Creature of Quintatha” by brutal methods. Shirka is forgiven by Rishtyn-Jaffami (in fact the gelatinous mass on Sikma) for the mortal wound it has received at Shirka’s hand. In turn, it wants Shirka to track down Benjameen da Jacinta. Fifty Katamar cruisers, with Shirka on board, then launch themselves in pursuit of Perry Rhodan and the other Galactics.

Rishtyn-Jaffami tells the Barkner the story of its birth:

One hundred sixty thousand years earlier, a spaceship of the Jaffamis crashed on Linckx. Rishtyn-Jaffami was the only survivor but, due to the planet’s unusual hyperphysical conditions, Jaffami’s body changed and it developed the ability to manipulate para-realities. Its strength became so great that it created its own "virtual universe": Quintatha, that it populated with Barkners and Titans. The Tradom Empire eventually learned about its existence. Shortly afterwards, an Inquisitor appeared and enslaved it. As tribute, Rishtyn-Jaffami was required to provide the Tradom Empire with “Creatures of Quintatha” and knives. To exclude all revolt, the Inquisitor installed explosive charges on the continent of Sikma.

In order to take vengeance before dying of the wounds it suffered at the hands of Shirka, Rishtyn-Jaffami attracts the Inquisitor onto Linckx, while utilizing the mission of Shirka to divert the the empire’s attention. When the hated Inquisitor presents himself, Rishtyn-Jaffami initiates a massive explosion, killing itself as well as the Inquisitor. Afterwards the planet Linckx is ravaged.

Unaware of events on Linckx, the Galactics are pursued through the Tradom galaxy. During the flight, the LEIF ERIKSSON and the KARRIBO are separated. Benjameen ultimately comes to the realization that the pursuing Katamars are attracted by the "tooth" that he brought back from Quintatha. He manages to have it projected inside of a sun. The ruse succeeds and all the pursuers find death while plunging into the star after the tooth.

The LEIF ERIKSSON returns to Jankar but two pieces of bad news wait for it: the KARRIBO did not return and the 22,000 enemy ships of war that had, up until then, waited close to the star window now are converging on the Virginox star cluster.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-10-13

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