2117 - Der 5-D-Planet
The 5-D Planet
Horst Hoffmann

At the time of the action to save Pucky and the Siganesians, the Galactics seized the sack of one of the "knife pitchers". The analysis of its contents shows that they came from the planet Linckx - it was also there where Ikanema Two had discovered the skeleton of a Terran.

Strange physical conditions reign on this world: the whole planet is surrounded by a five-dimensional bubble. Only a primitive technology can be utilized on its surface. Yet exists many prospectors in search of the yddith ore, similar to howalgonium.

Rhodan and Ascari da Vivo, disguised as Xirrites, mingle with the prospectors. Benjameen da Jacinta and Tess Qumisha come with them. Benjameen obtains additional information on the planet from a "dream-zero" and he discovers a strange presence that he calls the “Face” which fascinates him. Shortly after the landing, the Arkonide mutant gets separated from his companions (although Tess eventually rejoins him). He succeeds in renting a place on a dirigible for both himself and Tess. However, Benjameen hides from its captain, Eshmatay Amgen, that his objective is the forbidden continent Sikma where the zero dreamer is convinced that the Face is located.

In the meantime, Rhodan finds the hospital where Ikanema Two had discovered the skeleton of a Terran. He and Ascari da Vivo try in vain to reach Sikma. They embark on a submarine but the crew attempts to get rid of them. They succeed in escaping from it and reaching land with their equipment.

Benjameen has more luck. He ends up reaching the forbidden continent. During the flight, his dirigible "drifts" in a para-reality resulting from a hyperphysical phenomenon. This turns out to be good luck for the dirigible and its passengers since, as a result, it is undetectable. Finally, they see the Face: a gigantic gelatinous mass that shows to each person who looks at it his or her own face.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-14

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