2116 - Sturm auf den Irrlaufer
Storm On The Wandering Body
Arndt Ellmer

When the LEIF ERIKSSON reaches the system of the Pombarians, the PHOENIX already has disappeared. The commander of the PHOENIX, Rudo K'Renzer, has taken up the pursuit of the oval ship from which the Siganesian robot TOMCAT gives out a distress signal. A radio beacon informs Rhodan about what happened on the planet. He sees a movie showing how Pucky was stabbed by the knife and collapsed. The weapon planted itself fully in his heart, a deadly injury even for a carrier of an activator.

The LEIF ERIKSSON rejoins the PHOENIX close to an ancient moon of twenty kilometers of diameter which is drifting in space.

The Siganesians inside TOMCAT try to fix the total breakdown caused by the embedded knife. They discover that this type of dagger is charged with psionic energy. The dagger unloads this energy upon contact with an organic being. Since the robot is made up of inert matter, the Siganesians are able to dislodge the weapon safely. When the vessel in which it is leaves hyperespace, the robot is nearly entirely repaired. The Siganesians finally are able to see what happens outside. They see the E'Valenters as well as the strange knife pitcher beings, giants with a masked face. SHECAT is also there, as well as Pucky whose body rests without life in a glass caisson. One of the "knife pitchers" removes the dagger planted in the heart of the mousebeaver. Pucky then gives off a breathe but he must be given emergency care immediately if there is any hope at all that he will survive.

Rhodan orders an attack on the moon that is in fact a secret station of the Tradom Empire. Battle troops are inserted by Rhodan into the station.

The Siganesians in TOMCAT take advantage of the explosions to enter into action. SHECAT is revealed as fully operational. The robot recovers Pucky's body and places it inside itself, at the site already utilized to withdraw the Emperor Bostich. The Katsugos must face “knife pitchers” and then link up with the Terran landing troops. Everybody (including Pucky and the Katsugos) are taken aboard the LEIF ERIKSSON which then leaves the station where a process of self-destruction is ongoing.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-14

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