2115 - Anguelas Auge
Anguelas Eye
Rainer Castor

Ascari da Vivo travels to Anguelas Eye, the object that one supposes to be the equivalent of a PULSE. The Arkonides study the armor smasher, the Eltanen weapon that can pierce the protective screens of the Katamars. They reach without problem the bridge of matter between the Tradom and Terelanyas Galaxies. Reaching the 185 light-year "Eye", they discover a “mini-Eye” giving out a red stream (jet) 5.5 times per minute. But the KARRIBO can not penetrate into either one more than a half-light-year. During the seventh penetration attempt, they are discovered by thirty-six Katamars. The KARRIBO finds shelter in a "zone of quietness", a bubble of space the size of a solar system with a gigantic station in the middle. This gigantic station is identical to those having consolidated the star window.

The station immediately opens fire, not on the Arkonides, but on the vessels of Tradom that retire after the loss of three units. Ascari da Vivo penetrates into the station with a team. They discover that there exists a great number of similar stations whose role is similar to the ones in the Caldron of DaGlausch. The KARRIBO, having repaired its damage, finally evacuates the sector.

In the Milky Way, Arkonides and Terrans mobilize a significant force before the star window.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-08-07

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