2114 - Mogtans Gedicht
Mogtan's Poem
H.G. Francis

The cruiser LE-CR-01, baptized the PHOENIX, under the command of Rudo K'Renzer, heads toward the planet Pombar in order to obtain information. Pucky travels to its surface, accompanied by the two robots (also known as Katsugos), TOMCAT and SHECAT, both of which are occupied by Siganesians.

On the planet, Ikanema Two, along with his children, awaits deportation to the penitentiary planet Sivkadam. His "soul mirror" Mogtan predicts that he will be freed by a stranger but that, at the same time, this stranger will find his own death.

Pucky feels some difficulties when he uses his parapsychic powers on Pombar. The search team discovers, to their great stupefaction, a perfect human skull, a copy of the original skull situated in a museum. Ikanema Two brought this skull back from an archaeological expedition. The Galactics break into the museum and discover a whole skeleton. The alarm is triggered but the mousebeaver has time to seize it. A DNA analysis proves that the skeleton is, indeed, of human origin.

Pucky decides to question Ikanema Two directly but, unfortunately, the commander of the Di'Valenters, Le Karanu, is on his trail. He informs the “Creatures of Quintatha” who order him to undertake nothing and to wait for the arrival of a special ship.

Pucky and the Siganesians arrive to free Ikanema Two and his children. The Pombarian explains that he discovered the skeleton on the planet Linckx but is unaware of its exact origin. During this time, Pucky returns to the museum but he is confronted by the “Creatures of Quintatha”, the same beings observed by Ikanema Two on Aeusen XIV. One of them throws a knife that penetrates the paratron screen and plants itself in the chest of the mousebeaver. The robot TOMCAT is also hit. The two Katsugos and Pucky are carried away aboard the hostile vessel.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-04-07

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