2112 - Verschollen in Tradom
Missing In Tradom
Uwe Anton

Perry Rhodan, with his LEIF ERIKSSON, and Ascari da Vivo, with the KARRIBO, find provisional shelter on Jankar. Several cruisers have been sent out to obtain information. Rhodan is worried because the PHOENIX with Pucky aboard has not reported back yet. He is unaware that the Ilt is on the planet Pombar.

The ruler of Pombar's inhabitants is Ikanema Two. The E'Valenters interrupt the ruling family's meeting, accusing Ikanema Two and his five children of nonconformist activity. They are incarcerated. Ikanema Two begins to relate his life to his children.

The story of his life is as follows: As the designated successor to the throne, Ikanema Two must study economics on the planet Zaujanji. On the cruise liner EYE STAR, he meets several Tradom races. He develops a close friendship with the Rhiskanesche - Kara Ascarde. The vessel does not reach its goal however because it is attacked by the pirate ship FESCO under the command of the Prymbo, Inckaz. Deaths are numerous. Ikanema is taken as a slave and remains a long time on the pirate vessel before it is finally stopped by the E'Valenters. However, like the criminals, the victims are taken to the penitentiary (torture) planet Sivkadam. Ikanema is shocked to learn that the E'Valenters are especially upset with the pirates for not paying their tribute. Ikanema and the other prisoners are finally released but they are set down on the planet Aeusen XIV.

During this time, the Galactics suppose that the astronomical phenomenon discovered one hundred eighty five thousand year-light from Jankar is a Pulse. Close to the star window, Terran probes observe special vessels that now penetrate into the gigantic stations that opened the window. For Rhodan, there is no doubt that preparations for the invasion of the Milky Way are underway.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-03-16

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