2111 - Die Malische Mole
The Malische Pier
Arndt Ellmer

The SOL makes for the coordinates provided by the "Good Spirit of Watertime" and discovers a cylindrical station of twenty one kilometers in length in the Stijssen System, located at the galactic fringe. More than six hundred spaceships are gathered around the station. Mohodeh Kascha reveals that the station is GISTUNTEN-3, one of the fifty-four Malische Piers (Moles) where the Lottery takes place, a system of selection used to choose people who can penetrate into the Watertime Galaxy.

The officer in charge of the Lottery is the Gray Marlite, Sfonoci, who belongs to an insectoid species. Atlan comes aboard the pier in the company of Mohodeh Kascha and the two mutants, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder. Sfonoci immediately recognizes the Knight of Dommrath (Mohodeh Kascha). He explains to them the rules of the game: participants must pay by barter. Atlan proposes to give the Gray Marlite a hyperzapfer. The Arkonide learns that the Lottery takes place annually and, by luck, the next begins in a few days.

The problem it is that beings endowed with parapsychic powers cannot participate in the Lottery and that the aura of Atlan designates him as a Knight of the Abyss. Since the organization doesn't exist anymore, he nevertheless gets the permission to participate in the selection.

The 22,123rd Lottery begins on December 10, 1311 NGZ. Atlan, Mohodeh Kascha and Icho Tolot are confronted by a series of tests in a gigantic arena. The Arkonide and the Kimbanien are eliminated and Icho Tolot suffers the same fate during the following test.

The Galactics won't be able to enter into contact with the Pangalactic Statisticians. The headquarters of the SOL considers the possibility of making the passage into the galaxy by force but the "Good Spirit of Watertime" intervenes, on behalf of Atlan and his crew, with the authorities in charge of GISTUNTEN-3. As a result, seven crew members of the SOL will be allowed to enter the Watertime Galaxy and meet the Pangalactic Statisticians.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-03-01

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