2110 - Der Gute Geist von Wassermal
The Good Ghost (Spirit) Of Watertime
H.G. Ewers

Upon approaching the Watertime Galaxy, the entire crew of the SOL is suddenly surrounded by a positive mental field emanating from the "Spirit (Ghost) of Watertime". It is about an entity, lower in rank than one of the Superintelligences, which tests all visitors to Watertime and only lets pass those with a high level of moral character. However, the process goes differently then was expected by Mohodeh Kascha and Atlan disappears suddenly - as well as the unknown being in the recently found glass sarcophagus.

Atlan finds himself on an artificial planet where he meets Sershan Contagi Peiragon, the unknown humanoid from the transparent sarcophagus, who once fought for the Cosmocrats in the Kohagen-Pasmereix Galaxy. Tired of fighting, he attempted to break with the new order of the Knights of the Abyss, but he was punished by the Cosmocrats and plunged into hibernation. A magnificent woman, Tagira, appears. She explains that she is going to take one of the two men as a spouse. The two men face off in a duel and, after a bitter fight, Atlan ends up defeating his adversary.

Yet, it is the ancient warrior of the Cosmocrats who is chosen. Endowed with the ability to make objects explode from afar, he does not make use of his extraordinary ability during the fight, thereby proving his moral superiority.

Tagira, who is no other then the “Spirit of Watertime”, sends Atlan back to the SOL. The entity transmits to Seneca (the SOL’s central computer) the coordinates of a place where the Galactics of the SOL must participate in the Lottery, which in turn chooses those who will be allowed to have access to the Pangalactic Statisticians.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-02-27

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