211 - Geheimwaffe Horror
Secret Weapon Horror
K.H. Scheer


Since the Terrans have nothing to do while waiting for the Prometheus II, Rhodan decides to explore Horror's surface, despite Atlan's warning. The planet seems deserted except for two big domes on both poles. As the Khrest II approaches the ground, a beam from one of the domes hits them and the ship and its crew are miniaturized to 1/1000th of their size. The Khrest II is able to destroy the south dome before landing, but is still under the influence of the another reduction field, generated by the south pole dome.

A wheel-shaped flying fortress, actually 250m wide, then attacks the Khrest II, forcing it flee (it is only 1.5m large). The Khrest II evades the fortress but is then stuck on Horror. All of their equipment is out of order as a consequence of their miniaturization.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The KHREST II waits at a safe distance from the planet "Horror" for the arrival of the ANDROTEST II. On December 5, 2400 a foreign body is located. Atlan, Icho Tolot and Sergeant Miko Shenon leave with a hunter to study it. It turns out to be the remainders of a broken planet.

Discharges of energy take place close to the three suns of Horror and on the planet itself. At the north pole of the hollow world, metallic bodies are detected. The KHREST II and the two Posbi Boxes approach the planet whose surface is uniformly flat. They are attacked and the Posbi ships are destroyed. The KHREST succeeds in destroying the station at the north pole but it is forced to land. It is submitted to a compression potential (force) and reduced to a thousandth of its normal size. All instruments that operate on a fifth-dimensional basis no longer function. The appearance of the surface of the World "Horror" is the result of this shrinkage process.

Atlan's hunter returns to "Horror". While Icho Tolot is attempting to transport the greatly reduced KHREST II back to the hunter in order to move it away from the planet, the hunter itself is attacked by a space vessel. Atlan recognizes that this unidentified vessel is in fact a space fortress. The hunter is shot at. Atlan and his two companions are subjected to the compression potential and shrunk down in size.

Michael P. Mahoney

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