2109 - Tagebuch der SOL
Diary Of The SOL
Susan Schwartz

This episode covers many years (1304 NGZ-1311 NGZ)

While dying, Crom Harkanvolter, the Lord-Eunuch of the Mom'Serimern, understands that his people needs a new objective and that it is unhealthy to entrench themselves in the past. He shows his agreement with Shoy Carampo's plans that want to integrate the Mom'Serimern with the crew of the SOL. However, after Crom's death, it is the traditionalist, Stap Crumero, who takes his place. Shoy and his friends create a real city, Shard (Debris) City. Increasingly Mom'Serimern go and settle in the new city despite Crumero's attempts to oppose it. However, the race of the Mom'Serimern is basically peaceful and the conflict remains verbal.

The SOL makes a long pause in the Notrast galaxy to install other permanent hypersensors. It answers a distress call from the people of Winten whose sun threatens to explode. During a one and a half year period of time, the crew of the SOL evacuates Winten's population to another planet.

Fee Kellind, the commander of the SOL, breaks the rule that she herself had decreed and has a child with Porto Deangelis. Thereafter, other children are born aboard the SOL that once again deserves the name "Stellar Ark".

When, at last, after many years, the SOL reaches the Watertime galaxy in November 1311 NGZ, the Mom'Serimern, who have given themselves the mission to explore the central part of the debris field, discover an unknown body in a coffin.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-02-13

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