2108 - Samahos Erbe
Samaho's Heritage
Susan Schwartz

The SOL is on the road to the Watertime galaxy in order to return the visit of the Pangalactic Statisticians and to learn some more about Thoregon. It needs six to seven years to cover the six hundred eighty million light years from the Dommrath Land. But the persons responsible for the SOL have other problems to deal with, such as the necrophore which is still hidden aboard or the host of Mom'Serimern in Cell-2 of the SOL.

Whereas the ancient Mom'Serimern always look backward in time to the loss of their homeland, the new generation is passionately fond of the SOL and consider the vessel their new home. Thus, Shoy Carampo and Basch Fatingards wander around in the central part of the ship, a heap of debris never cleaned up since the stellar ark was taken by Shabazza.

One day, Shoy and Basch end up discovering the long searched for necrophore. The container is projected into space, but it seems in fact that it didn't contain anything.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-28

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