2107 - Im Fabrikraumer
In The Factory Spaceship
H.G. Francis

Benjameen da Jacinta, Tess Qumisha, Filk Zimber and Kayzer Han (the two Etrusians) arrive at and manage to get aboard a gigantic loaded vessel that manufactures ore harvested from the world of the Zinedas. Instead of being able to observe the vessel in secret, the small team is confronted by a set of traps and a security system. Benjameen can not procure for herself the information while in dream-zero. Obviously, these manufacture vessels belong to Tradom and exploit raw materials robbed from other planets whose inhabitants are reduced to slavery.

However, events take place aboard the vessel of which the Galactics have no idea: Pamas Kaquant, a Di'Valenter and second in command, believes that natives of a planet have managed to get aboard. His superior, Zo Rakmynt, finds this idea ridiculous. Pamas decides to launch a search for the intruders himself, helped by a symbiote. He is attacked in a catwalk and, when he wakes up, he discovers that his symbiote has disappeared. The Di'Valenter believes that his commander attacked him because he discovered that this one keeps for himself a part of the material recovered from the pillaged planets. Without his symbiote, Pamas does not have a long time to live due to a viral infection.

The Di'Valenter decides to inform the other officers about the illegal actions of the commander. He leads them in a revolt but they are all killed. Pamas soon meets an arachnoid creature which is itself linked to his symbiote. This arachnoid creature wants to take vengeance on the pillagers (the Di'Valenters).

The two Etrusians, Zimber and Han, manage to reach the central station but, when they are discovered, they must quickly rejoin Benjameen and Tess. They leave the ship just in time before a bomb armed by Pamas explodes.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-01-24

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