2105 - Zuflucht auf Jankar
Refuge On Jankar
Arndt Ellmer

Perry Rhodan has succeeded in passing through the star window with the Leif Eriksson but at the rendezvous point with the Eltans, he only found a cloud of particles. The cruiser as well as the Karribo must make emergency repairs, and Roxo Quatron proposes that they travel to the Jankaron System although the coordinates of this system are kept secret.

In exchange for their collaboration, Rhodan proposes to provide Jankar with technological aid. Not all Jankarons are enthusiastic by the arrival of the strangers but only the Lord-Merchant Kattisch Melchya opposes them vehemently. While waiting, Rhodan proposes to Roxo Quatron to study in detail the CoJito Hunter of the Eltans. The Jankaron agrees after some hesitation. In the meantime, with Puckyís help, Roxo tries to discover why the Lord-Merchant Kattisch Melchya is opposed to the Terrans so much.

Until the Jankaron Mediator makes her decision, Rhodan travels with the Leif Eriksson to the rendezvous point fixed by the Eltans. He hopes to recover lifeboats but this hope doesn't materialize. By ejecting numerous torpedos he manages to send a message in morse code to Reginald Bell, on the other side of the star window.

During the absence of Rhodan, the Lord-Merchant Kattisch Melchya is the victim of an intrigue. His helper Vellki Otis is in league with the Red Chy pirates who want to seize the homeland of the Jankarons. She puts Melchya under hypnotic control in order to neutralize Jankarís space defenses. Pucky and Roxo discover the machiavellian plan but cruisers of the pirates have already materialized in the Jankaron System. Ascari da Vivo has a flotilla of corvettes against which the pirates are defenseless. The Red Chy pirates are successfully expelled from the Jankar System. When Rhodan returns with the Leif Eriksson, all is finished. The Terran is not okay with the behavior of the Mascant but, all the same, the Arkonide arrived in time to protect the world of the Jankarons. After these events, the Mediator and the Council are ready to help the Terrans and Arkonides.

Michael Mahoney 2005-10-13

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