2104 - Durch das Sternenfenster
Through The Star Window
Uwe Anton

Facing imminent invasion by the Tradom Empire, Perry Rhodan decides to cross the star window in order to ask for the help from the Eltans, those beings about whom the Jankarons spoke. The main difficulty consists of approaching the window at a very slow speed while a powerful fleet is still gathered behind it. In order to facilitate the approach of the Leif Eriksson and the Karribo - the vessel of Ascari da Vivo that must also participate in the operation - each ship embarks Antis who must reinforce their protective screens. A fleet of wrecked spacecraft must accompany them in order to sow confusion among the Katamars.

Zim November, at the age of eighteen, is in training at the academy of Emotional Piloting in Terrania. He is presently serving a training rotation aboard the Leif Eriksson. The …truser Rock Mozun, the emotional pilot in title and Zimís guardian, refuses to allow Zim to participle in the flight through the star window. The young man appeals to the commander of the ship, Pearl TenWafer, and persuades her of his utility as the second pilot.

The plan succeeds and the two cruisers clear, in one stroke, three hundred eighty eight million lightyears. As a result of the shock from passing through the star window, Rock Mozun collapses and it is Zim November who must assume the helm of the Leif Eriksson thereby enabling it to escape the fleet of Tradom. The two ships slip away at all speed towards the coordinates furnished by Roxo Quatron where the gigantic vessel of the Eltans must be located.

But, arriving at the rendezvous point, they only find spaceship wreckage. As no return is possible without the help of the Eltans, the situation becomes critical. Perry Rhodan decides to travel to the home planet of the Jankarons.

Michael P. Mahoney 2005-10-08

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