2103 - Der Kampf des Konquestors
The Fight of the Conqueror
Horst Hoffmann

Trah Rogue escaped at the last moment in his yacht, the Marzom, from the hell triggered by the Terrans and the Arkonides. However, his vessel is now no more than useless wreck and winds up crashing in a swampy region of the planet Pinblot.

Pinblot is a primitive planet on which is located an illegal base of the "Galactic Guardians" who exploit the natives. The Conqueror must clear a lonely path through the jungle for himself. By his own means, he finally ends up reaching the base. There, he murders all the base personnel and sends a message by hypercom. The seven Katamars that had followed the CoJito Hunter through the Star Window receive the call and successfully rescue him.

Rhodan, who also receives the message, arrives much too late to intercept them.

Michael P. Mahoney 2005-04-20

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