2102 - Die Hand der Vorsehung
The Hand of Providence
Leo Lukas

In the star cluster Virginox, situated near the Tradom Galaxy, the Jankarons, an avian-like people, have just recently launched themselves on the conquest of space. They navigate through space by using hypertransitions. They know about the existence of their powerful neighbors in the Tradom Galaxy but they, in turn, don't seem for the moment to be interested in the Jankarons. Although the Jankarons only have about thirty cruisers and want to keep the location of their world a secret, they have already made a name for themselves as clever tradesmen. For Roxo Quatron and the crew of the Jankaron vessel, Keltammer, the universe is full of marvels and dangers. They escape an attack by pirates, with precision and guile, and then become interested in the technological information of the Shuftars, the most powerful race of Virginox.

In the company of his faithful friends, the pilot Itchi Cultega, the master-gunner Kiv Aaterstam and the brilliant scientist Vett Burmer, Roxo begins a risky operation to contact an influential merchant prince. He finds an appropriate middleman in the person of Hornblatt, prince of Masch'anzga. However, Hornblatt attempts to trap Roxo, wanting to obtain the coordinates of the Jankaron home system. Luckily, Roxo is also a clever strategist. He had suspected a trap. He succeeds in unmasking the deception game of the prince and is able to search the seized documents for Shuftar information.

Thanks to the stolen Shuftar technical documents, the Jankarons can improve the technology and the armament of their cruisers. Of course, the first vessel to benefit from this is the Keltammer. Roxo Quatron departs on a test flight.

However, at the moment of entry into hyperespace, the Keltamer is swallowed by a gigantic cubic object. To the surprise of the Jankarons, it is a huge spacecraft belonging to the Eltans, "the Ancients". This older pacifist race is opposed to the increasing power of the Tradom Empire. However, even though they oppose it, whenever possible, using indirect resistance, they could not prevent the Tradom Empire from opening a star window to enslave a faraway galaxy - the Milky Way. To help its inhabitants, the Eltans have need of collaborators who they find in Roxo, Itchi, Kiv and Vett.

After a brief reflection, the four Jankarons accept the offer to cross the window and make contact on the other side with the inhabitants of the Milky Way. The Eltans put at their disposal a powerful spacecraft, the CoJito Hunter.

In spite of all the CoJito Hunterís technology, Quatron and his friends can not pass through the star window easily. It is necessary to accomplish the maneuver under five percent the speed of light and, in addition, a gigantic fleet of Katamars is gathered before the star window. Although the Cojito possesses a weapon that can pierce the reflective screens of the Katamars, a direct breakthrough is out of the question. However, through the use of a ruse, Roxo is successful in approaching the window and crossing it. Seven hostile vessels follow it, but they are forced to take flight thanks to the combined power of the Terran and Arkonide Fleets on the other side.

Shortly afterwards, Roxo meets Perry Rhodan who, with the Leif Eriksson, has held position to blockade "his" side of the window.

Michael P. Mahoney 2005-04-17

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