2101 - Der Konquestor
The Conqueror
Andreas Findig

With some prominent words, Trah Rogue declares that the Earth and the worlds of the LFT are now a protectorate of the Tradom Empire. Perry Rhodan initially hopes that it is all a misunderstanding but the Conqueror leaves no doubt. Nevertheless, the Terran Resident invites him into the Solar Residence. The extragalactic look-alike of a gigantic chimp explains that the Tradom Empire is in a Thoregon Galaxy. He presents a holo-show showing how the Milky Way must be absorbed by the empire. Another movie is projected, showing what would happen in case of refusal. This time, the galactic fleets of the Milky Way would be annihilated by Katamars of war. Rhodan gets especially worried over the fact that these movies are very precise - the Tradom Empire already knows much about the Milky Way.

The Terran League Service discovers that minuscule nanorobots have spread themselves throughout the Solar System from the landing place of Trah Rogue’s small katamar "yacht", which is named the Marzom. It is very likely that they are activated by an impulse. Since they work on a syntronics basis, there exists a means of getting rid of them: the KorraVir virus, but the risks of the remedy appear more dangerous than the nanorobots themselves. In any case, the special services are forced to use it.

Finally, Perry Rhodan announces to Trah Rogue that the LFT rejects the offer of the Tradom Empire and shows him in his turn a movie where Terran fleets of war destroy the Katamars. In the end, the Conqueror's body is shaved.

Vexed, Trah Rogue returns to his yacht that moves away in panic. He is pursued by several warships of the LFT but can not pass into hyperspace because of the Aagenfelt Barrier (Field). He is tracked by the Terrans but when he opens fire, several Terran ships are destroyed. The intervention of Ascari da Vivo's fleet finally permits the destruction of the giant Katamar, but a small boat, the Marzom (along with Trah Rogue), survives and flees. The victory is a bitter one. To destroy a Katamar, thousands of ships have been annihilated and about one hundred thousand men and women have died.

In the Hayok Archipelago, Reginald Bell, aboard the Roald Amundsen, arrives and finally succeeds in sending a probe to the other side of the star window. Upon the probe’s return, he witnesses the gathering of a gigantic fleet of Tradom warships on the probe’s recordings.

Michael P. Mahoney 2005-03-03

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