210 - Auf den Spuren der CREST
On the Trail of the CREST
H.G. Ewers


In the Milky Way, the Terrans have built the Prometheus, a ship with an operational radius of one million light years. Along with two Posbi ships, the Prometheus goes through the Sextuple transmitter and reaches the Twin system. On the planets Chaos and Terra, the crew discovers indications that the Khrest II had been there. On Raum/Quinta, an examination of the central station reveals where the Khrest II was headed. The Prometheus and the Posbi ships are able to reach the Horror World without having to go through the transmitter and arrive there just as the Khrest II, making its way through the last planetary layer, eventually breaks free. The Prometheus then heads back toward the Milky Way with orders for Julian Tifflor, who is in charge of the Terran fleet during Rhodan's absence to occupy the Twin system and dispatch to Horror another long-range ship, the Prometheus II.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On October 3, 2400 the ANDROTEST I (PROMETHEUS I) commanded by Colonel Pawel Kotranow leaves Opposite (Inversia) and, along with two Posbi ships, follows the KHREST II through the hexagon transmitter. Built from four vessels each of three hundred meters diameter and utilizing linear propulsion, the ANDROTEST I has a range of action of one million light years. Among the crew is Omar Hawk, from the planet Oxtorne, a Terran colony with a gravity of 4.8 gs. He resembles a Terran but he has extraordinary strength due to the extreme conditions of his world. The Okrill Sherlock comes with him. Sherlock is an Oxtornian animal resembling a gigantic frog provided with eight paws and propelling itself by means of large jumps. Its tongue is eight meters long and can give out some electric discharges. With its infrared organ the Okrill is capable of detecting the heat traces of past events.

The ANDROTEST reaches the Twin System and discovers on one of the systemís planets the remainders of a shuttle. In the City of Outlaws on Quarta, the ANDROTEST Iís crew learns about Rhodan's arrival there and the threat of the Drung. They discover that two powerful vessels exploded in the Twin System. Suspecting that the KHREST II left for Andromeda by means of the solar transmitter, the crew of the ANDROTEST explores the control station on Quinta and finds the wreckage of a dark vessel. Thanks to the faculties of the Okrill Sherlock events are reconstituted. The Okrill is shown that the KHREST II has been projected into a tri-star system that is thirty thousand year-lights distant.

With the help of its linear propulsion the ANDROTEST reaches the "Horror" system on 5 November 2400. That same day the KHREST II clears the outside layer of the hollow world and arrives at the surface.

After having restocked the KHREST II, the ANDROTEST I leaves for the Milky Way.

Michael P. Mahoney

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