209 - Im Banne der Scheintöter
In The Ban Of The False Killers
Clark Darlton


After breaking through the third planetary layer, the Khrest reaches the "yellow floor", where everything seems to have been destroyed by a nuclear war. The only survivors are seemingly innocent-looking dogs that actually have telepathetic powers, which they use to take control of the Terrans minds. Once again, Gucky and Tolot save the crew, freeing them from the influence of the animals.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On the Yellow floor the KHREST II finds the remainders of a civilization annihilated by an atomic war. Alone the Illusionist, or “False Killers”, small cubs with golden fur and multifaceted eyes, still exist. They had served as symbiotes for their rational masters while providing them with feelings. With their low capacities of teleportation they penetrate into the KHREST II. Alone Icho Tolot, Pucky and Melbar Kasom are immune when facing their hypnotic faculties. The hypnotic capabilities of the False Killers force the Terrans to believe that they live a life of joy and happiness. Tolot, Pucky and Kasom must prevent the False Killers from using the KHREST II to take vengeance on the inhabitants of the surface of "Horror" who sacrificed their masters in the distant past. With the shock beamers of the corvette C-3, Lieutenant Orson paralyzes the crew of the KHREST II. The False Killers are forced to leave the vessel by threatening them with a fictional pulmonary vibrator.

Michael P. Mahoney

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