208 - Die blauen Herrscher
The Blue Sovereigns
Kurt Brand


The Khrest II makes its way through the second layer using its weapons and reaches the "red floor". This floor is inhabited by Esquis and guarded by three robot flying stations that attack the Khrest. Thanks to the mutants, the Terrans are eventually able to destroy them.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

The Kangs block with force-fields the two shafts which link up with the next floor of "Horror". The KHREST II digs a tunnel which is thirty kilometers in length with disintegrators and penetrates onto the Red floor before the Kangs are able to block this passage as well. The KHREST II falls under the power of three blue plate-shaped vessels of three kilometers of diameter that the Esquis of this floor name the Blue Sovereigns (Tyrants). Twenty-two people aboard the C-11 commanded by Don Redhorse surrender to the esqui Kraa. The Esquis, who are named Voluts here, must regularly sacrifice five among themselves to the plate-shaped robots. They need the victim's cells to activate their organic power station. Fifteen men of the C-11 present themselves as the sacrifice. They arrive inside the Blue Sovereigns (Tyrants) and destroy them.

Michael P. Mahoney

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