207 - Die 73. Eiszeit
The 73rd Ice Age
William Voltz


The inner side of the second planetary layer, called "green floor" because of the greenish light that basks everything, is inhabited by two races: the Kangs and the Esquis. They are fighting a merciless war with each other. The Kangs have parapsychic powers that neutralize atomic powered machines. The Terrans eventually pull through and escape from the Kangs.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

On Horror's Green Floor, named thus because of the dominant color, Don Redhorse, Cheyenne chief and captain of the corvette C-11, discovers a powerful fortress named Tara. The Terrans see creatures with a head provided with a thick tentacle as long as an arm. Because of their clothing they are baptized Esquis. They attack Tara for the 73rd time. Its inhabitants, the Kangs, beings with a serpent-formed head, answer the attack with a force-field that slows down all atomic processes. The KHREST II and the C-11 find themselves in a catastrophe. The Kangs also emit a psi-field which results in a significant fall of the temperature.

On October 16, 2400 Operation “Eskimo” begins. Two vessels of four hundred men each, commanded by Don Redhorse and Sven Henderson, leave the force-field while the outside temperature hovers at minus fifty degrees. They drag tanks equipped with heavy weapons (to include shock weapons) until they are outside the influence area of the force-field. Then they fire on Tara with the shock weapons until the force-field of the Kangs dies out and the Terran vessels themselves are brought into safety.

Michael P. Mahoney

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