206 - Die Schrecken der Hohlwelt
The Terrors of the Hollow World
Kurt Mahr


At the last moment, the pilot of the cylindrical ship modifies the settings of the transmitter, and instead of going back into the Milky Way, the Khrest II materializes inside a gigantic hollow world. This world, baptized Horror World, is an artificial planet made of four concentric layers. In the middle is a sun, which is where the Khrest II appears. Outside, three suns form a triangle around the planet. This artificial system is located 500,000 light years from Andromeda, 900,000 light years from the Milky Way and 300,000 light years from the Twin system. The Khrest II barely escapes from energy-eating creatures and finds a tunnel through the inner planetary layer.

NEW SUMMARY (Michael Mahoney):

Before the dark vessel explodes, it is able to modify, by radio, the programming of the Twin transmitter. The KHREST II doesn't materialize in the Milky Way but in the center of a hollow planet which is given the name “Horror”. This planet orbits three suns and is composed of four concentric layers (or floors). The KHREST manages to free itself from the synchrotron field at the core of "Horror". It is then attacked by energy absorbing creatures. They are forced to flee thanks to sonic radiances.

Sergeant Fed Russo and two of his shipmates explore the interior crust of "Horror". They fall under the influence of a hypnotic amplifier that tries to prevent them from gaining control of an important station. Russo determines that the KHREST is not in the Milky Way nor in the Andromeda Nebula but between the two galaxies.

Finally the KHREST II eliminates the energy gate blocking the access shaft to the next floor. This shaft is fifty kilometers in diameter.

Michael P. Mahoney

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